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Furnace tuna by calling 809 four 8 Mike Whether on the 8s drop worth in the traffic center Thanks Andy delays in mcclain headed toward Bethesda on the end of across the American legion bridge the right side and the ramp to the Clara Barton Parkway blocked for some tree work until about 2 o'clock this afternoon so expect the volume delays there North down to 70 the crash near one 18 Germantown road possibly blocking at least one lane watch for delays on two 70 northbound as you head toward Germantown south bound to 70s a clear rod leaving Frederick headed through Rockville no problems on I 95 Baltimore Washington Parkway the usual suspects northbound between one 93 and powder mill road with traveling to open westbound route 50 between beta L drive and the southern river bridge We do have the right lane block for the work zone set up in place no problems across the Chesapeake Bay bridge looking pretty smooth with three lanes west and tulane to open in the eastbound direction If you're traveling in brandywine it was floor park wrote a Danforth road where we had the crash we believe that is completely wrapped up and gone In a district Florida avenue near Georgia Arab who followed police direction for the crash in response to and seen northbound D.C. two 95 sluggish leaving of course the outbound 11 street bridge had a past Pennsylvania avenue toward benning road but nothing reported as blocking if you're in Virginia the beltway remains clear through Alexandria headed toward the Wilson bridge with no issues 66 as a good ride as you make your way between Gainesville and Rosalind If you're traveling northbound and southbound on I 95 plenty of out of state plates of course and expect to be off and on the brakes in both directions anywhere between newington and root three and Fredericksburg but traveling to reported to be open and available to you north Don I three 95 it's the volume going up to and across the 14th street bridge traveling are available traveling and the GW Parkway in both directions expect rise across America at Arlington national cemetery until 2 o'clock this afternoon Brenda call me to say the memorial bridge is open mainly to pedestrian travel and police are directing traffic but for cars the south on GW Parkway ramp to the memorial bridge We understand may still be blocked as well as one tenth so use caution if you're traveling around Arlington national cemetery I'm rob stallworth Traffic Now to storm team four is Ryan Miller Cloudy and mild for Saturday today with temperatures approaching 60° If you showers overnight Sunday clouds to start sunshine to finish with cooler temperatures.

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