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All right, finally, on the undercard of this show is what I think is going to be the best fight of the show. 440 pound champion going up against Blair, the flair cobbs in a welterweight fight, Sergio. This is exactly what an undercard fight should look like. You've got a crossroads fight between two guys over the age of 30 who are looking to get back in contention. Both these guys coming off knockout losses for hooker, it was a year plus ago against Virgil Ortiz for Blair cobbs, more recently, against Alexis Rocha, the winner will get right back into the welterweight picture for a big fight. The loser probably done as a high level fighter or at least a contender in the 147 pound division. What do you think of this fight? No, not probably. They are. They are because they realize not only especially if they lose by another knockout. Yeah. There's phases in a fighter's career and they're in their 30s already. They already experience what it's like to fight a formidable opponent. It's not even championship level. Alexis Rocher wasn't a championship fighter yet, but he got, it was a hell of a fight, Blair cobbs, he put on a good show, there were the main event, but he came up short and got stopped by a guy that has been proven himself on the championship level either. So you already got stopped by someone that's not that was hooker, at least got stopped by champions. He has amateur pedigree. He's already picked up a strap, and he's only lost to really hard punches. Ramirez a beast, you know? So Virgil Ortiz, a future beast, and he's proved that on the championship level 'cause he's been former champions Ortiz has. So that's why I got a favorite Maurice hooker in this fight. The technique, the long jab, the 80 inch span in order to get past that. And then the body shots for a tall fighter. Very good body. Excellent body punching. Yeah, I just think it's gonna be too much for our flare. A Blair flair because cobbs has a bad, a bad thing about leaving this chin up. And it cost him with Rocha. You know, once the fight starts getting into the later rounds, his technique goes out the window and it's gonna catch him in this fight as well.

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