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This means the city of Phoenix will pay for one hundred and fifty million dollars to the rim to renovate the arena. And the Phoenix Suns will shell out the rest Phoenix mayor fell a Williams explaining her. Yes. Vote and sell to Cisco among the city council. Members voting against the plan for my end of it. I don't support this agreement. I don't think it's in the right financial sense for the city of Phoenix council. Members also voted to approve several amendments that will require the Phoenix Suns to invest money for public programs. A nurse has been fired from hacienda, healthcare and sits in jail this evening, Phoenix. Police arrested thirty six year old Nathan Sutherland sergeant Tommy Thompson says they obtained in linked his DNA to the rape. And impregnation of an incapacitated female patient. Sutherland was a licensed, practical nurse or an LPN who was responsible for. Providing care to the victim during the time, the sexual assault occurred Sutherland appeared in court today and his bond was set at five hundred thousand dollars the baby. The woman delivered though is healthy and hacienda healthcare says Nathan Sutherland went through extensive background checks before he was hired KTAR's legal analyst mon- Monica. Lindstrom says this claim may not entirely clear the facility if they didn't keep track, you know, where their nurses were at certain times at didn't have cameras at certain places that most other facilities have been. They could be on the hook for negligence Lindstrom tells the Saint James and Pamela Hughes show Sutherland could spend up to fourteen years behind bars if convicted now let's get a check on traffic. Here's George Thomas.

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