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Anderson. Minor four minutes in no score. Here's mcdonagh's. The penalty is up. Aside. Alad Matthew Joseph to center ice forces. It in David Savard, hammers it out McDonnell block quick cantopop cat crossed the Columbus to go to Joseph shoot save a corpuscle Eddie holds fifteen forty five left in a scoreless. First volley puts pressure on the power play. And that's the important thing. And it also means a coup drop. Stamkos and headman get to handle the puck laterally in the game. That's always a good sign when you're big guys. Get to handle it get it. Get a feel for the game. Getting a flow early. That means that they're they're they're salivas up a little bit. And they want the puck more and they're going to attack more. And so even though they did score. They had one good look at it. From stamkos Boone Jenner wins. The face off from pot cat Scott Harrington sweeps it out to center ice, he'll touch it. In by the lightning goal. Mcdonagh. Takes over by the lightning net loss. Twenty six now of the year tied for third in the league right wing churn act to center, ice and Joseph tried to deflect it in and ended up in the Columbus bench. We'll get a neutral zone. Maze up. No score. The first John Cooper talked a lot about the five day layoff, and the all-star layoff together helping team a lot they're pretty happy with the overall game in the team. And he said the urgency level of the team has been good. They'd liked that a lot the forwards coming back on plays in the last four or five games have been upstanding other words, they're back checking coming right back through the middle of the ice and really taking place away turning pox over preventing scoring Janssen has been a terrific sign wife of how they played so well, defensively Riley Nash national defensive or neutral zone. Face off, Sara Lee, but a pass from Murray picked up mcdonagh across the Columbus circle shoots blocked by Steph Jones, that stung him blue Tackett scatter said lack nightside feed a cold Sherwood playing a second NHL game native of the. The Columbus area. He went pass to the far side boards for Riley. Nash got taken away by JT Miller who exits to the red light adopted it has Ryan Murray short feed Riley Nash left wing to center ice, it Sherwood quick Jones cross Sherwood right point shot blocked by caloric goes out of play fourteen forty nine left in a scoreless. First. Hundred back in the pipes again. And why wouldn't he be back to back games? So tomorrow there in Philly, I'm guessing Louis debate will be a nanny look back to back shutouts. His numbers are incredible. In the last two games against Columbus. This year. Nineteen sixty eight save percentage as you pointed out gave the lighting of outscored Columbus, twelve to not those two games combined. So. Columbus comes into this game wired differently. They don't want to be embarrassed. Acton wins the draw for new wa rates sickle shot a stop by Vasyl Ascii her circuit chip on the lightning net. Three early shots with the blue jackets. They've tested Bassey early this.

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