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Was he out with a shoulder. Or was he was he still in the lineup. Maybe i'm confused here. I bought i blocked he. He he played in a cup. Final audio now. You got me doubt myself i. I'm pretty sure he was on the ice celebrate illegal. Yeah so but but either. Way i mean like. It's nice to see that. Sometimes it's the maybe the miscommunication. And i think that when we end up getting over the corolla capri sauve deal. That ended up getting signed. Sometimes there such a disconnect between you know general managers and even the players just because they have so much to worry about. You know maybe tarasenko wasn't feeling the love based on what he provide organization seems like it is something right now that they are maybe rekindling so i hope the best there were some quotes from him Here i got him right here. I could read them off so bear with me for the next thirty minutes he goes. We always love the saint louis community. We always try to help the community as much as we can me and my family were. Were very grateful for those people who support us through this last nine years. Especially the summer. We received a lot of support. I'm grateful and then baru bay wrote are brew based quotes where. I really don't believe it's a distraction at all. He's been here for a while skating with the guys being with the guys hanging out with the guys. I thought he looked excellent out there today. He's been part of this team for a long time. Yeah things happened in the summertime. things are said. i don't go. I don't go into it at all. Let me restart that. I don't go into it all that much. I don't worry about that. He's here playing hockey for us. So i coach him. That's it. It's not a distraction in my opinion. So maybe i'm making too much of the tummy sticks going on in the media and the fact that tarasenko saying he loves the community and ruby. Saying these not a distraction. So i don't know if you're a saint louis fan. I'd imagine you don't want to go over. Forty goal score who. I'm sure after having a great off season training could have so lot to provide this organization. Yeah we'll keep an eye on it. Like i said this guy wants to be traded but it doesn't mean the team has to trade them as we see i mentioned exhibition games have started. I think pretty much. All the teams have played at least one game. Seattle played in spokane washington pretty raucous crowd. They beat vancouver five three. I thought those jerseys again unreal. i can't wait to see the white ones on the road You know what else looks good with these golf. Kicks my friends at peter. Ma are a no doubt. I need to take a minute to talk to you guys about these sneakers. Our friends at peter millar have released a new color. Way in their hyper light. Apollo sneaker to kick off the fall season and they are a game changer. The new color claret is it. Claritin or claritin. Maurice collect played for a while state. So i'm guessing. This is claret. I've never heard of color but it is sick. It's the latest drop in these sneakers that are inspired by the aesthetics of the space race. A darker red knit upper with a clean white mid-sole provides you with st ready style and supreme comfort perfect for the changing seasons. The upper knit with textured yarns structure.

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