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Merchandise any sign that he hung out with us for like about a half hour good for what the release of some I think for the movie he was it was supposed to air this week but he was doing some promotion last week so we were allowed because he was talking about the movie a lot in the in the interview but he was really I I just gonna say you've interviewed celebrities many many times I have to especially ones run toward trying to promote a movie you find that they go have these go to things they talk about the sort of the same thing over and over but he was just so engaging and he was really into the conversation he was just it's just I think people really enjoy it because he seemed he just sort of opened up about a few things and he tells this amazing story in the middle of it because we asked him a question about a friend of his I think Richard Roeper was here and asked him a question about a friend of his in Hollywood and he just it's just really it's engaging so when you have to do this that's coming up in our five o'clock hour so right after the top five in five you'll hear from John Travolta right here plus we'll talk to Ben Bradlee and also talk about Arlington racetrack in some issues going on there with the which with them you know they were you know right exactly if so what's happening there amateur a principal beer for reviews today as well well a good show with or without real con and end of long to say in the C. right now okay have a good one I'll talk to you guys later thank you John Chicago stories told twenty four seven on seven twenty WGN Chicago smart speaker users just say play WGN radio on tune in the news is sponsored by permissible basement systems here is Kim Gordon partly cloudy seventy three at o'hare the Chicago teachers union is asking the Chicago board of education to delay the vote on the proposed seven billion dollar plan presented by Merrill Lightfoot CTU president Jesse Sharkey says it's not enough to cover what he calls dire staffing shortages for counsellors psychologists social workers and nurses the village village of Dolton is putting up concrete barriers in front of the moonlight liquor store at one hundred forty second would line after a sixteen year old Simeon high school student was shot while sitting in a car outside the store last night mare Riley Rogers some of the questions that Mr.

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