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This program in color, uneducated person can think he's going to get a recruit by strippers coming in and fire you, but they can't eat you and they run through our ass like through a tin horn man, and we could not stop the audio you need to hear. It's d a sone check on this morning is it asked the pros morning where you guys get to ask the question Brought you by O'Reilly Autoparts it will answer later on in the show. Simply tweet at media on CBS Abolition Later on in the show asked the pros brought you by O'Reilly Think O'Reilly Auto parts for all of your car care needs guaranteed low prices. Excellent customer service at O'Reilly. Better parts better prices every day. To begin sound check this morning. Let's start with Bill Belichick. As the Patriots take on the Raiders and asked about the job Jon Gruden has done and returning to the Raiders, Belichick little meat on the bone. Think that coach Gruden, you know, done outstanding job, really putting this team together on a pretty short amount time, both from a Personnel standpoint, coaching staff, um on, you know, just the way that you know he's been able to get get the players to do the things that I know he believes in what he wants him to do. I think that Jon Gruden has been far better than I would have thought. The front office has been far better than I have thought. Mike Mayock spin a far better higher than I thought. And Gruden has not treated this as his retirement plan. And I appreciate that for Jon Gruden coming out of the coming out of the broadcast booth. It always felt like he needed the perfect situation and to me what I saw.

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