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Over the coming weeks we'll be answering your questions about the corona virus and how to navigate the pandemic. You can send us your questions by voicemail at six four six five nine eight six zero one to be sure to tell us your name and where you're calling from. We'll be right back successful companies. No faster growth requires the right tools if you're doing to ten or hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue net suite by Oracle gives a full picture of your business finance inventory. Hr customers and more all in one place over nineteen thousand companies. Trust net sweet. The world's number one cloud business system schedule your free product to our right now and receive your free guide six ways to run a more profitable business and net sweet dot com slash daily. That's net sweet dot com slash daily. Here's what else you need Wall Street experienced its worst day since the crash of nineteen eighty. Seven as investors responded to President Trump's plan to severely limit travel between Europe and the United States and general confidence faded. That Western economies will quickly recover from the pandemic in Washington. The Senate canceled a scheduled weeklong recess so it could negotiate a major economic relief package to address the financial fallout. Meanwhile closures and cancellations cascaded across the country the NC double eight called off its annual basketball tournaments following a decision by the NBA to suspend its operations both the NHL and major league soccer said that they too would pause there seasons in New York all forty one Broadway began shutting down on Thursday night under instructions from the state's governor and will not reopen until April twelfth at the earliest while New York restaurants and bars have been ordered to operate at fifty percent capacity and in California Disneyland will close its doors until the end of the month. It's first closure since the September eleventh terror attacks in two thousand one. The daily is made by feel welcome. Andy Mills Lisa Tobin Rachel Lindsay Garrison any Brown Claire Tennis Getter haege Cowan Michael Simon Johnson Brad Fischer Larussa Anderson. Wendy door. Chris Would Jessica Chung Alexandra Leong Jonathan Wolf. Lisa Chow Eric. Kripke Mark George Luke Vanderploeg. A diese Egan Kelly. Prime Julia Longoria Sindhu. Yana summoned on Jasmine Aguilara. Mj Davis Lynn. Austin Mitchell Sayer. Cavuto Nina potluck. Dan Powell Div Shaw. Sidney Harper Daniel. Giamet Homs Buteau Robert Jemison and Mike Benoi our theme music is by Jim. Bromberg and Ben Landsberg of Wunderle special. Thanks to Sam Dolan Michaela Bouchard still a ten Lauren Jackson Julia Simon Muhima show blinding and Nora. Keller that's if the daily I'm Michael Navarro see.

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