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Was really gonna work come on commanders bring back a former special team standout sounding wide receiver Jamison Crowder to the practice squad the 30 -year -old average 55 catches over four seasons with Washington during the Jay Gruden era but he was also the primary punt returner for his first three years here commanders also named team captains for 2023 Terry McLaurin Sam Howell on the offense Jonathan Allen Kendall Fuller on defense Tressway Jeremy Reeves on teams w -t -o -p's George Wallace will be in Ashburn today tweeting head G Wallace w -t -o -p US Tennis Open, Heights, Bill Maryland's Francis Tiafoe's run ends in the men's quarterfinals the 10th seed slipping to fellow American Ben Shelton in four sets women's number six Coco Goff sweeps Elena Ostapenko to reach her first grand slam semifinal where she will face Karolina Mukova baseball Nationals lose 11 -5 to the New York New York Mets Patrick Corbin coughs up three homers and eight earned runs over four innings Orioles get by the Los Angeles Angels five four in ten innings WNBA mystics wrap up a playoff berth they beat Phoenix 100 -77 Dave Preston WTOP sports thanks Dave still ahead our weather is not expected to cool down anytime soon we could break more records today for heat 856 if your home or business isn't giving you the joy it once did it's time for a refresh contact your local Cerda Pro and put the power of pro to work for you that's Cerda Pro's power of doing the job right on time and budget the power of proven experts with the skills to refresh rejuvenate and reinvigorate your home business or get your project started today at CerdaPro .com the

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