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Every time she sees sports. Yeah i don't buy it. No so policy does this actual reference come. The reference comes when law rely is getting ready to go to new york with. Alex and sukey and jackson and rory is going to stay home for the weekend. She's planning to bring justice. Friday night dinner with just grandma end and they have a little discussion about what should be happening for the after party. So probably grabs working the logistics. Tonight i am going to study at school. That i'm going to grandma's from their justice driving straight from work and then he showed me who come here is gonna drop matthew. Well guess that makes sense. I thought although don't know what are you sure. That's the best way to do it. Yeah y well he just means. You're coming home to an empty house. that's you're doing. Yeah but it might be kinda lonely year. Did you think about staying at mom's overnight. Yeah they've got those fancy beds that don't sag. And you're guaranteed a great norma desmond style breakfast. The next morning you don't have school works out perfectly also a little background before we move on. We are skipping episode. Three thirteen dear. Emily and richard. Which is the flash back at to see. Laura like giving birth to rory in. Meanwhile in present day rory going to see jiji's birth with sherry at the hospital And we mostly skip that one because we couldn't find a great reference that would discussion. But also i don't really look at episode now. You're not a lower. i flashback. Appreciator the young worldwide is not lauraingraham. Doesn't work for me. Yeah i li- i mean. It's something different. I i watch it when it when it comes up but pretty no no strong opinions from me. Okay well but it might be relevant that this is the episode where we're clashing fact. Laura getting pregnant as a teen giving birth and now she's feeling a little anxiety thrown about her own daughter. Yeah so when she suggests that rory stays back in hangs with grandma. An has norma desmond style breakfast. What the heck did you think she meant by that. No idea did not know who norma desmond was or what kind of breakfast she serves pictured like like A chef or something like that. 'cause yeah Emily would serve a a nice breakfast. We've seen her do it before with rory when she's come over but yeah i didn't know what about you i think about the same thing. I assumed it meant a great breakfast. Because she's trying to sell us to rory We know they love good food. That's about when you left again too. Showy love do it so we're talking about the one the only the nineteen fifties classic sunset boulevard. Oh yes i we could just sing the music on our own like you know because we definitely never seen this podcast. No but the music in this movie is jury as in pretty nice pretty much everything else. In this movie i mean. Did you like this movie. I guess i should say i did good. If you like this movie. I really liked this movie Not in the same way as xanadu which front reasons. Yes which. I was like so baffled. This movie could even exist. I admired for that reason. This is just a legitimately good movie. I think yeah now. How'd you watched it before watching it for this episode. Yes funny story. I washed it a years ago on net flicks when it was. They're currently not their bummer. But the funny thing is after watching that movie. I went abacha anything. Lower lion rory referenced. Us moving on so. I google to see if it was in gilmore. Girls and i was correct. And was that since we've started this podcast or before being so it was like i like in the last two years i think so. I just remember not feeling great in line on the couch staying home all night and we watched that movie in menominee both really liked it Yeah yeah i really enjoyed it. Like i loved the narration and the style it was it was finally. I've been hating all the movies recently so glad to have a a winner. Yeah that voiceover reminds me alive. Chinatown that he'll if you guys remember we talked about china down awhile back and that was another good one. Yeah so this movie sunset boulevard. It takes place mostly on sunset boulevard. But hollywood in hollywood in general. And you hear you see the beginning. A dead man in swimming pool two shots in the back. One of the stomach a writer. Nobody and then suddenly a narrator starts takes you back six months prior and you meet a writer a nobody who looks just like the debt guide pool the ta. So you start this movie. No one where it's going. Yes now did i know. Did i recognize from the beginning that the main character in the movie was also the dead guy in the pool no admittedly. I didn't 'cause sometimes things just don't completely click. But after i think i just kind of wasn't trying to figure it out and then eventually i was like. Oh wait this. This is the guy in the pool and his face is a little distorted in the water to. So if you're not super familiar with the actor. William holden I could see how you would not recognize him. His i think the first time i watched it i went is up good. But he's a down out of his luck rider just trying to make a dumb can't catch a break. Banks of after tankers car because he owes lots of money three months rent yada yada but he doesn't keep it in the garage. It keeps it parked nearby lot. Owner doesn't ask any questions so he takes his car out for a drive but those guys happen to see him while he's out begging for work has he's not getting any work as a screenwriter and so they shoot after him blow out his tires. He pulls off the side of the road and pulls into an empty garage. What he thinks doesn't empty mansion but alas a man greets him outside a woman up the stairs and a dead monkey. She thinks he's there to bury her monkey in a casket.

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