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Gore, Solar Radiation, California discussed on Coast to Coast AM


In western countries that do not allow these to go out of the smokestack they have to go through like a electrostatic precipitators nb trapped nbc quest her and the evidence is uh consistent with this material is what they're being spray now is the disposal of this stuff what would the reason than the display it on us well the first of all it the it's the the from a practical standpoint it forms than just the ideal size grains micron and submicron so you don't have to do much processing and it's a waste product that's that's trapped already so it it makes an ideal substance uh for spraying now to get to the question of why they are spray you probably remember back a long time ago people talked about ceding clouds with silver iodide orange rise to make it rain well the military has long wanted to prevent the fall of rain and that's what they do if you put a a power fine particles of material in the air where we're clouds form the little tiny droplets of water are either absorbed or blocked from coalescing getting big enough all as rain so it inhibits the fall of rain does change also the complexities the clouds were doesn't even form well if saw it it it changes a lot of things and and ultimately it well it it also but there are other things that it does uh i you might think gore or people might the try to deceive you into thinking well it reflect some sunlight away i mean this is what the jio scientists are are trying to promote future jio engineering where they put particles in the air to serve as as a son shade for the earth well this is nonsense because what happens when you put particles in the air is that yes some solar radiation will be reflected but some will be absorbed and the the uh bombardment of the particles with air molecules will take some of that heat away some of the will be radiate it so it'll heat the atmosphere moreover it keeps heat from leaving the earth you probably remember back uh many years ago in california nia if you were invited to a barbecue at night uh then you arrived in you know five o'clock in the.

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Gore, Solar Radiation, California discussed on Coast to Coast AM

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