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Span. A period of two thousand eleven to two thousand fourteen with people staying at the hotel being charged with rape prostitution pimping keeping a house of prostitution attempted rape aggravated child molestation and cocaine possession. The lawsuit also references a shooting that occurred at the hotel in the summer of two thousand thirteen where one person died and another person was left in critical condition. Another clue that attorneys for the women said should have been a clue for the hotels. Operators was the fact that quote. An extraordinary number of used condoms were left and trash cans in the hotel room where the women were trafficked. The lawsuit also states. That eight to ten men were visiting the room each day and that when one one was being traffic the other hid in a bathroom or sometimes wandered around the hotel property. Another assertion made by attorneys in the lawsuit is that the hotel's owners had a vending machine in the hotel's lobby that was stocked with condoms and drug paraphernalia. This is not the first time. The hotel has been called out for criminal activity taking place on its premises in two thousand nineteen gwinnett solicitor-general. Brian whiteside sent letters red roof in as well as other hotels in gwinnett were crimes have frequently occurred insisting that they take steps to clean up their hotels and address criminal activities taking place on their premises the other hotel locations listed in the sex trafficking and prostitution lawsuits filed recently against red roof in include the smyrna red rufin located at twenty two hundred corporate plaza and smyrna buckhead red roof in plus located in one thousand nine hundred sixty north druid hills road in atlanta fulton industrial. Rudd rufin located at forty four. Thirty frederick drive. In atlanta the atlanta airport south red roof plus located at twenty four fifty old national parkway in college park and a red roof in that was located at twelve hundred virginia avenue in atlanta but has since closed. It's not a coincidence that the same horrific allegations continue to be made about the same hotels with the same brand again and again attorney jonathan tongue who is representing the victims in the norcross case alongside mcdonagh said in a statement read. Rufin officials said they do not comment on pending litigation atlanta this jay and lewis owners of engineered. Solutions georgia lewis. What should a homeowner do. They have crack in their block wall corner of their door window or concrete foundation. Well jay. if it's a diagonal crack this. Let us know that they should be concerned. There could be a serious problem then. They should call our office at six seven eight. Eso g now in set up an appointment to have one of our qualified professional technicians. Come out to their property to take a look at the problem. I'm consumer investigator dale cardwell. I've done the research already so you don't have to. You can trust engineered solutions of georgia give engineered solutions.

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