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I think with Michael fast bender he's related assured actor. Yeah. And there's that Ethan Hawke movie that's out right now. This was be great. First reformed. I have not heard of this hall straighter wrote directed Oku it's supposed to be one of the moves of the year. And then that Steve Carell movie beautiful boy wanna see that. There's a lot of good stuff out there. I haven't seen. All right. So should we go five five four four. Yeah. To that whole thing. Yeah. All right. Here's what I have for number five. I went with bohemian rhapsody. You really enjoyed that. One is the only movie I saw twice in the theater and again full of tropes there. There was totally a better film. They could have made right? But I just loved it so much like you had a fun time at the move. I did man. And that's what I'm going with my heart. I really really loved seeing that film because it was a little divisive. I think a lot of people really loved it and had a good time. But I think there was some concern over the fact that it was tied so closely to the living Queen members barrel camp, and I think they may have whitewashed over some of his influence in the LGBTQ community. And how that stuff was really important. He was an important icon in that. Yeah. But they also touched on it respectful of that in in a way, I think I just enjoyed it. I want to give it a shot. Yeah. Yeah. I do like Rummy Malik kitchen, and he looks like mazing he scraped. Yeah. And I. I sing in my seat quietly. So that's my number five. What he got my number five was the Mr. Rogers documentary. Okay. Yeah. Well, I might as well go and say a few honorable mentions in that was an honorable for me. That was subtropical movie really made me wanna call my kid. How specials you is? It was I watched on a plane, and I was literally tearing up on them. And I actually texted my daughter like you're so special, and I love you so much. I'm so proud of you. And it was really made me have all the fields. I'm getting a little choked up talking about it right now from me, you can't say that stuff enough to your child. Yeah. And that was the thing I didn't fully realize well how much of a in a way activist. Mr. Rogers was like, you know, the themes that he would handle on the show. He had a drop the mic in front of congress..

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