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None of them can kill you all right so sectors rate house interesting. It doesn't make terrifying josh. You tell me if you were in the water and a tarantula swam up and you like bro. What's on your shoulder. The torino the tubes who founded who saga like freaking out larry to mean the cost the community. Now it's great hill. I would do absolutely nothing other than blackout to transfer back on what we've lost him. I suspect obviously because a descendant of ghost. Just i liked the name specter. So that's really cool every because you know. The ivory of elephants from africa should be very white. And gray tarantula make sense and the venezuelan orange lebron's to be. That's the newest one. I got that one back in two zero for my birthday looming Bronze eventually the name might be based off a personality habits particularly of now Or it actually. I told my sister events being a girl. I'm naming it extra. Her friend who's terrified of spiders phoenix rising phoenix crawling to go on for sharing a For this house like dislike gloss can lower it down taking some water going books across the site around to the back of the enclosure on the bookshelf. Unlike you how heavy that thing is to move shifted era the catch Slowly getting back in underside. We're done here. What is so do do tarantulas make webs do like you you've seen steps are now it's like webbed. The sons rationalists. She is will ask like. We're calling web palace system extensive. If they got like tarantula species due to the different type celebs all the one pepper. There's a lot of mats and connection points and whatnot see ivory is gonna web balat. Its new codger. Suspect your hasn't done too much. What's the reason for just to make it like See how chapter steiner's work. Oh god i hate those things. Do i used to be. I used to be scared when i was a kid when i first heard about those. Like checking jumping through the doorways. Because i was looking camelback. Yeah oh these spiders who made these evolution approved. Why would we do this evolution. We got talking about crabs. Soc- spider wear a ceasefire especially despite her crabs. Talking like ten feet long. There's there's crabs bleed blue like their blood is rooted. Lou mortal was hits like oxygen. So i've seen those turns right. It hits the oxygen. Yeah like why. Why am i blue. Is this no oxygen really Mustang passed around in red blood cells but their blood come. Don't quote me fat. My mom is the nurse practitioner. Not me a new conspiracy. Were all actually aliens who bleed blue. Were all injected with something that makes our blood react so like we don't freak out like holy shit. I'm an alien. I'm bleeding blues. I think we're all just grabbed people if our blood is blue on the inside. I don't see enough where concept not already get of the lizard people theories. I don't actually people do. There's the mole. People that limited las vegas of that one..

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