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Had your tricks moxy how to get to the free throw line coupled with being able to play modern game. This guy is is the greatest example of it that he is a throwback because the way you can get himself free the way themselves for the line. And then of course, all those threes. Yeah. I would like and then he started ten fifteen assistant again, forty points now. But I the damn beer. It's just that's a strange take bomb of all the things not to like about James Harden's game beard. Never I've said this forever. When people think back to James harden, the first thing they're gonna think of is not his game. Which is great. It's his beard. It's ridiculous. Get rid of it. I mean, you turn I'll Tim tend to them. Thank you. I just don't like it. And it's it gets too distracting for me. I'm sorry. Okay. Very good. That's okay. We will end with that apology would seem slightly sincere about James harden. Beard. Always good talking to you, and Bob I'm happy to hear that you're defending your friends by boycotting the new York Daily News. I am. I really am. Because I I still I've I used to get it every day. It'd be joke for me with my dear post the post, but I will not read the daily. Thank you. Bob guy. Bye. Bye. It's all about the Benjamins baby though, good. We've got their best Gus. Not the best phone line. We've ever done. Donlevatar this shirt from the nineteen eighties, by the way. This is the oldest shirt I own what color shirt is that. Because I've been trying to figure back around which is that. That's your me. No, it is sort of Brown now, but he used to be black while. Stugatz. That shirt is older than Chris, Cody. It is DCC's live with our show with Stu gods on ESPN radio. What kind of questions, honestly, I want you to think about this for a second. What kind of questions? Are you getting.

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