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Spring of two thousand fourteen do the fall of twenty fifteen during a period when vice president Biden was the main US official dealing with Ukraine, and it's tense relations with Russia, Paul keep this up one second, please. If you want to watch the visuals of the show, you can go to YouTube dot com slash Bongino and watches. Paul is nice to have to put the screen shots up on the screen for us. Spring of twenty fourteen. Let me read this sentence again because I'm going to go to a Washington Post headline in a second. And now you're going to see why I've been talking about Burris MMA seemingly forever. Hunter Biden Joe Biden's kid. His American based firm is getting payments of one hundred sixty six thousand dollars a month that began in the spring of twenty four teen. Ms Paula Bongino, please if you wouldn't mind throw up this Washington Post headline what else happened in the spring of twenty four t o April twenty first twenty fourteen Biden arrives in Ukraine show, US support as crisis with Russia continues. How 'bout that? How 'bout About that? that. Yeah. It Matt special fast fashion. Folks, Joe Biden's kid hunter? Was appointed to a natural gas Ukrainian natural gas company. Whereas company was getting six figure sums per month. As Joe Biden was appointed by Obama's appointment to Ukraine. The same Ukraine that has official funneling information into the United States about Trump. This thing reeks of a quid pro quo. Oh, I've got more. Joe, you sure you want to run for president not Armacost Joe Biden. I know you're watching I know someone on your staff based on our numbers yesterday. Somebody close to us watching. We had phenomenal numbers on yesterday show. Are you sure you want to run for president Joe Biden? Now with your the general creepy nece stuff. Your comments about identity politics. Remember, Obama is clean. He's the first clean guy. Clean obama's. What do you mean? He takes a shower. Remember that remember his talking about if you go into a Dunkin donuts without a slide Indian accent, Joe Biden, Mr. identity politics. Geez. Can have y'all wanna put you all back in chains. Joe biden. Joe have you ever explained away your son's appointment to a natural gas board MMA holdings, where he's getting six figure sums while you have an unquestionable conflict of interest being the point man for the Obama administration on the Ukraine Russia crisis. You don't think that's obvious? Oh and his six figure sum star pilot in the minute you leave Ukraine in the spring of two thousand fourteen. But let's focus on X files. Like, a sobs fables about Trump and Russia, collusion, it doesn't exist. Let's do that. What a bunch of knuckleheads now. This is stunning. Because the prosecutor he gets fired this guy Victor Shokhin Joe Biden, he brags about it. But ladies and gentlemen, listen. I don't know. I don't know what to say about I because I want to be careful I've got definitely some unique input on this for various reasons. But right Biden's, kind of like a happy idiot. But he's really not bright. I mean that I mean, I don't mean like not bright. I mean, like not bright for what he's running for. He just wasn't smart enough to cover his tracks. Because I believe they thought Hillary would win and as a favor for him staying out of the race against Hillary when she ran against Trump. I believe Biden was so convinced Hillary would win that they would bury all this stuff and Biden could maybe run in eight years, or whatever it was didn't happen. Yeah. And now all this Biden stuff is coming out in the mainstream media is of wedding like the plane Biden, here's where I was going with this in the Solomon piece, which is in the show notes. Please read them go to bungee dot com. I'm humbly asking you to subscribe to my show notes. I will Email you these articles every morning Paul is it up on the YouTube screen..

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