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An arrest has been made in the hoc- in the healthcare rape case. Gentlemen. Two. James? His name is Nathan Sutherland. He's a nurse registered nurse. He's been arrested for the rape of the the woman who was at the hacienda healthcare facility. The young woman twenty nine years old. Has been incapacitated. Since she was was young. It's it's been in. This case is a case of not only rock the valley witne Ashton, wink, global and it just rocked everybody. Because of how disturbing it is. You had a young lady who is being correct? Since the said, she was in a vegetative state. I'm just gonna go with that. I know the family came out last week and said that she does have some movement in. She does you know, she she can make some sounds this kind of stuff but in getting into that. Makes it even more difficult. It says it is. And I don't want to be like I said, I don't want to go too far on this whole. But there's some. When you had the idea that she was a basically, the vegetative state new kind of made it easier to take. As. My father's I told you as someone who's who's father went through Alzheimer's and stuff like that, you kind of hope towards the end the way, my father was I was hoping that there was no part of his brain. That was able to register the condition that he was in. Trapped. In his body. The way he was towards the end. And that's what you want to hope for in this kind of situation because it's just it's it's horrible. The fact that she was raped by this individual. And there's nothing she can do about it nothing. She could say about it is horrible. And that is why so many people are playing the tension to this case. Well today, there was an announcement actually this morning that the case they had found the suspect that he has been charged. Nathan Sutherland, it old licensed practical nurse has been charged with one count of sexual assault and one count of vulnerable a adult abuse. And they did get DNA samples from him. He I think he refused. It first. But it had to get a court order. Now, actually, we have some audio here. We have Dr or should say sergeant Tommy Thompson. Who was speaking this morning at the case was broken. And again, it was fantastic police work. They were on this case from the moment that child was born. Of course, you you've had doctors, I think two more doctors have quit their jobs a sense or were fired from hacienda healthcare because this just went unnoticed. How do you have a patient who's in the state needs daily care, and you don't know she's pregnant? A here is sergeant Tommy Thompson, the scientists in the Phoenix police crime the crime laboratory determined the sample obtained from Sutherland matched the baby. You know? When I first saw the picture of the of Nathan Sutherland. Well is posted everywhere. I actually reach out to a friend today said, you know, what helped me so help me sweat. I'll go into the studio. Some crazy stuff today. To me. Nathan Sutherland is a monster. I don't know what it would take for you to to to..

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