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Clemson. Their first home game will be September 11th against You. Abe, with their first conference game, coming the next week at home against South Carolina season will end with a renewal of the Georgia Tech Series in Atlanta on November 27. And Tennessee is named UCF. Josh Heiple is the next head coach. Hyper led the Knights to a 28 and eight record over three years, including the 13 anos season in 2017 that ended with a Peach Bowl win. He'll make four million a year, a Tennessee on a six year contract. You can find more sports online that access W D win. How's he going to get by on that? I just don't know. Although you know for all the things that you have to put up with in that position you there's a lot of pressure and a lot of people complaining. Doesn't matter what you do. They're always going to complain. I can see where that that's well worth it. Yeah, There is certainly more stress around that job, and there's ever been and especially a Tennessee. Where to put it quite mildly. The natives are restless. You think? Yeah. They may volunteer may volunteer you for something you don't want like to have your head put on a pike. Yeah, they made volunteer to throw you into the Tennessee River. Exactly. Get a chain. Exactly. But, you know, I will say I'm curious. And maybe this. This is homework assignment. I don't know. I'm curious as to why is the return on investment? If your panic coach was it? Four million a year for six years? That right, right. Okay, if you're paying a coach four million a year. And I know the football programs bring in a lot of money. But if if if if you're paying him for million year what's return on investment? I wonder how many how many dollars that brings back in. If you've got a coach, you're paying four million and he's winning. Well, Obviously, people want to go to that school. At that point, Enrollment will be up. I would think enrollment will be up and also just football revenue in general will be up. I mean, obviously, ticket sales are higher for better teams. That's fair. No surprise. Tendencies also got a huge stadium. So if you're packing that stadium out every week, that's you know, that's obviously going to be. I think they see the 106,000 at Neyland Stadium. So if you're packing that out every week, that's obviously you know, and you just do the math. We want ticket prices. What 10 bucks. I'm like. It's a little more than that. No, it is. Okay. Little more. Yeah, I figured it was, you know? Really, how much I'm seriously how much had to pay for tickets. Oh, depending on the game. Now that you can get into some games relatively cheap, you might be able to find tickets, too. You know, you're like one of the lesser games for like 50 or $60. But if you want to get into like one of the big SEC games, you're easily paying. You know, $100 or $200? I'm or, you know, so depends on where you're sitting in the stadium and well, that is, if you're me and you buy tickets off the secondary market that you know, which is what I imagine Most people who are getting into the stadium are doing Um, but so, yeah. I mean, it's a lot of money. There's no question about it. Uh And then on top of that, then you've got all the television money and all the merchandise and all that stuff that goes into it as well. Um, huge. Just curious. What? The return on investment. I imagine it's pretty good deed for that 50 60 bucks. Do you have valet parking with that or No, you do not. In fact, you'll be paying for the parking also Want to put more privileged? Thank you. Hardly wait. All right, 8 24 WD when we continue with mornings on Main Street. Well, I don't know a lot about that. But I do know a lot about getting things done. And while I am not the handiest guy around the house, I do know where to get the stuff. I need to be handy, including advice and Eisenhower Brothers, outdoor power and hardware. And lately we've been handy around the house. Getting things spruced up in the yard. Oh, I know. It's all dormant right now, but making sure that things get trimmed back, making sure that the equipment is ready to go for the growing season. Those of the things that we're looking at right now in the professionals are really looking at it. And you can't too, because the Howard Brothers gear up day is coming up on the 24th of February and since February starts next Monday, thought I'd be a good idea to remind you that is Andy Darla has been telling us a little bit about that. It's where you can gear up and find out more about all the great products that they have. And some great deals to go along with that the pros do it, But you can, too, and save money in the process. X Mark Steel, scag echo Walker Honda the names of the big ones that you want are right there all the big names for whatever you might need. Is it going to be a backpack blower? Is he going Because, you know, use the blower, not Justin Leave season. Use it after you clip the grass. I use it to sweep the driveway. We get all sorts of debris in the driveway all year long, so you could get one of those great. Maybe you need some hedge trimmers. Maybe it needs to get a new more or have yours. Tuned up and ready to go Make sure that's ready for the growing season ahead. That's what they can do for you. So they Gary up there at Howard Brothers, but they could carry up for hardware needs as well. You're looking for a particular fastener type of screw or you've got a project. You're not really quite sure how to get it accomplished. Well talk to their experts find out the best way to approach it and finish that that one little part That you can't find. Go ask him. Odds are they didn't get it for you. It's a hardware store. That's what they do. You find a lot of great stuff there. And of course, when I remind you about all the The Peopie that's going on out there. You can get the masks. You could get the gloves and you could get the sanitizer. They've got them in bulk as well. So whatever you might need to get the job done, every successful project starts with a trip to our brothers. And they're easy to find Athens after Greta Doorbell Duluth and in Oakwood, Check it out. Our brothers and check him out of our brothers dot com..

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