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The bench appear Osho and Ben Shapiro. Okay, so you would not vote for a Democrat under any circumstance or some circumstance. I mean, I would take some circumstance, but the Democratic Party would have to stop being insane. Then Shapiro levelheaded Tuck for an unhinged world also present a face that doesn't look like people shouting down people like gas stations or entering restaurants and trying to throw them out Weekday afternoons from 2 to 5 on W L s am 8 90. We talk cars, trucks and SUV's on Dr Chicago. We took the Honda CR V for a test drive, which Dr Chicago general manager Mark Felix says is the standard for compact SUV's. In fact, it has been since Honda introduced the CRV really own this segment in a lot of ways, and it's because the CRV is kind of a jack of all trades. It does everything pretty good. We also spoke with researcher glad Mercer about what impact electric vehicles will have on car dealerships and the election. Go bridge across the country. You get places like California, which had brownouts this year, and a large amount of evey is hitting the grid. They're in a state that has been to put it mildly. We lucky to build new oil or death plants and have more more renewables. Well, you know, solar cells are great. They don't work at night. I think there could be regional imbalances that could be problematic. You can get Dr Chicago 8 to 9 Saturday morning and 67 Sunday evenings on WLS am a 90 wls am calm Central at WLS am calm featuring connected to Chicago exclusively from the Big 89. W L s Hmm. Douglass High is the ex deputy chief of staff to former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor wrote a great piece that I found at CNN dot com and we welcome into the big 89. As you wrote. We've saw what happened to Liz Cheney. Now the minority leader, Kevin McCarthy, is trying to keep his caucus focused. How successful is his effort as stained focused than thus far in your opinion, Douglas Well, it may be the hardest job in town right now, if you saw with the vote yesterday, 35.

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