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Two tackles for a loss and and by the way one of them was not of sack he hit prescott the first time he calls the slack his which right it so where wentz because the sack wentz was to story ended but as as the least look goff another cowboys cleaned up that that sack it was so i think the split that sack between i learned crossroads cedric but weren't and said thornton but lee had another outstanding game and some of attack colts where he covered the running back out of the backfield were really well yeah yeah i said early on in the game and the cowboys tackling was impressive it it would away a little bit in the second half and they start to get lucid sproles start get an ohl loose but no they this through nfl fitz is the makes bowl sylve no by any means not but they they held a just the how they needed to helmet to get the way and that's all that matters a one gets the feeling philadelphia may use a draft to one wide receiver i think so because they did drop a lot of pass and a lighter with the team in having dropped ten no already this year in six games which projects out took twenty six shook twenty seven drops roaring year old week yeah you do have a little concern about church in clay barn up because those are two vital pieces in a defense a man what's gonna line number six it's a sign that what you're on the ticket with the new normal.

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