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Column on the website all your old sensation take frank's noise dad. He's Switzerland Villa. Check it out nice video placement. It's going to be a race. It's going to get right down to the wire in Spain. Just three point. Separating Rams Jared and Barcelona big blow for Barcelona today confirm the expand Dan belly out for the rest of the season operation. They'll keep me out for six months. WISCON- Joe's is I I think he's ninth injuries since joining the club. Two and a half years ago now a force Monday and billy I mean we can. We can debate and we. We've done a lot on the show. About how how. He lives his life as a as a professor for border. And I'm sure there's a lot we can say about it again but right now we have to decide for him because he's he's GonNa meet the euro's way would have gone with Franz. He's going to miss a big chunk of the season again with Barcelona like too many times John Club. And it's a real shame and and also put in the position of loss rise for the rest of the season they've mining belly for the rest of the season gone through fatty onto agreement for the the three position of the united gone. Carlos Perez is cars Peres going to AS Roma so there'd be thin in their squads and for club is this is quite baffling to see them in that position and now opens the door for something that I'd never heard before he can make an emergency.

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