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Of the biggest success stories of twenty nineteen has been to Mexico United phenomenal the fan base that they developed in the first season good soccer it's a good product and fun yeah I just one last night that my old neighbor basically started fifteen somebody from your center really thank god or his an investor in it I think of an investor will a guy from Santa Fe actually started so could be an old your old neighbor something Trav sunny you nailed it at yeah that's my own neighbor we got in there I've got an in maybe you're on the team next year professional soccer men's soccer maybe maybe not okay maybe not water girl maybe watch today's probably not not the soccer part we talk a lot of ill with Ron Bloomberg three and Mexico chamber music festival with Steve Vicki at three thirty it was in Jenin a politician former governor of Arizona former resident of Albuquerque New Mexico came from Albuquerque and former head of the department of homeland security and now rule thanks Tory she is the current president of the university of California system seven cool jobs yeah when the entire university California system anyway she's coming to Santa Fe and to be talking about her new book how safe are we it is four three.

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