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Well before we get into the show proper. I do want to reveal another great headline without much story behind it. And it is biggie. Wants setup a dating profile using a picture of a topless. aren't anderson ironing shirt in the backstage area. Marin said i'm certain it went viral with biggie is now responsible for making them ladies miserable because they turn down. I'm married so he just threw me out his bait and no cigar. However ladies if you do if you need a spinebuster. I i love art. Anderson sometimes gets out of a show about professional not so professional wrestling. I your host renee topless ironing shirts out. I the good guy blake. I'm just a good good guy. I am i'm totally blanchard's jazzercise outfit. The dylan she's i. That was almost my baby face of the week because it's just watching pieces of shit. I've wanted to happen for a while. Come together like aren't coming out. Flashing the four book and sean with his new cool kind of mohawk. It's because he believed it only works because he shaved. Yeah otherwise it would because you went cool haircut and i'm like should we go back to your haircut opinion on sammy guevara could. Sammy is pretty much just as dumb. It's just not as blonde. It's so shawn spears has a mohawk. Sammy guevara looks like the top of pineapple..

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