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Look quite consecutive tweets about the rain today in new york god he's bored it's him thank you sarah here on the rich eisen show jim brock marmot out here this like if my mom were tweeting what would come out but anyway go ahead if your mom also raked is a left handed hitters one of the best defense did color commentating for the mets whatever they were i guess pan games or mahjong games my mother this is the kind of thing she would supplement that career with who do you want as the jets quarterback it was it was a hot take people like to say in your business i i yeah josh rosen i like him i mean i'm i'm a jewish guy from queens you know you're jewish guy for staten island so we like josh rosen let's let's just be open about it but it's an interesting year i can't remember where you have four arguably five really viable guys who we none of us know what the ceiling where the bottom is going to actually be but they seem like they all could really have genuine careers as quarterbacks that's a lot in one yes and they all have genuine pros and cons i think josh rosen be a good fit in new york he could handle the media and i like those things about him that some people criticize him over i i worry about his concussions and the one thing i'll say that i do understand is that if you have other options as a human being right.

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