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They were going on. I sure a lot betters unaware. Yeah i mean. I would have had it in my opening day. preview by known and obviously caught. You know a lot of the batteries. I sacrificed a little handle. But i think it's a great decision. I talked to mike myself. Story sunday forum and You know it puts them in step with most other places. And i think it's great that that is you know could no. Now you know the the you gotta get your pets in and just the race is going to go up with the going to go up instead of at some own unknown predictable time from race to race. How many minutes drag. It was going to be so great on their part thumbs up for making this decision. This loss of louis decision absolutely. Mike welsh everybody d. r. f welsh. Mike we'll talk ahead of the state's next week okay. There's he'll be there. All winter and steve anderson is always there when it comes to The southern california's scene and of course his name came up. When we talked to bob marino. Yesterday they're gonna open low sow later this afternoon. Steve anderson good morning got what they saw note from asia. She lost him. Okay get steve back and we'll close out the morning just about five minutes left and i think slow might be there. Hey there he is steve anderson. Good morning the rest of the united states. Well you know. We're all out there rooting for you guys and And i talked to bob marino yesterday ahead of todays opener at low sal and i guess you're a little better off i suppose in orange county then that up in in los angeles fractionally however under new guidelines in the ever revolving decision making by the california state government Los angeles and orange county's going forward will be linked in the same group for any policy decisions that are being made that would also affect san diego not racing so In the one good thing that appears to be the case if there is any good thing is that under the guidelines that were set forth yesterday. live professional. Sports can continue without audiences the if the state goes to a strict stay at home policy for certain regions and and The good thing is there's no horse tracks in santa clara county. Which is as you probably know has disrupted the san francisco. Forty niners is home game scheduled and So there's no tracks in santa clara county so there's that issues avoided for example but as for And orange county There seems to be fingers crossed. Approach that racing will not be disrupted if stay at home. Orders are are strengthened. Servewell as it came up with him. Earlier and with bob marino yesterday and then You know in the afternoon. The news broke out of Golden gate that. They're not going to resume racing until the twenty six th of december It's a real benefit. let's be honest too. Low sow filling races Feels like the meat is going to be very good for these couple of weeks. There is some Like you mentioned some strong evidence that that's the case. I just was going through some injuries for sunday. For example and you see horses that were trained by Folks that are up up. North may not have necessarily participated in southern. Cal raises noticeably quinn. How he's got a couple of horses that are entered and There is going to be a little bit more of an effect from that. Andy mathis brought a few horses down. And there's many more instances similar to that so in that regard That's a boost for for low style at the expense of the golden gate picture. You know. they're not racing. Of course that's going to be now seven weeks without grass racing and the north so there's.

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