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Have that track for this. And even though we weren't necessarily the fastest truck the trucks, put off such big wake and, and the track it, it gateway is not conducive to. Tu turning underneath people just the way, the spray is we all run up Elaine, both ends and down in one and to really run up almost in the third lane, two lanes off the bottom, so it's, it's a tough balance. I just made sure I never overdrove the corner too bad because I did that a couple of times earlier in the race and guys got by me. So, I learned my lesson, and we just held on I was looking back at my heart rate and stuff where one of those darn fancy watches it tells tells on you, and, you know, you could see coming down for the last green Feick stop, a big spike. And then sustained high on the heart rate on the beats per minute there just trying to execute coming down to the end with that final restart and stuff. So but we did it. And that's all the record buckle show curious what were the maximum beats per minute during that race. One ninety six average averaged a one sixty five for the for the race spending time with Ross Chastain. And winner over the weekend at worldwide technology raceway at gateway. One final gateway question for you, Mike. Miller's name on the trophy, you won the very first one with his name on it. What does that mean to you it did? I mean, I, I knew my just around the garage, but I, I know from growing up in watching the series and then getting involved with it, how much he meant to the series to getting that race back gateway. When I ran the truck series before, you know, the majority of the seasons in two thousand twelve and thirteen they didn't go there, then, so it meant a lot. I just, I know so many people that knew him so, well, how many drivers he worked extra hard to give them an opportunity, even when the funding wasn't there, and I know the end of the, you know, the end of the of his truck team. They're you know, they didn't have the funding in the sponsorship support that they, they wanted to have. But just the technology. He brought into the into the world was with the pull down machines and stuff and just different things. He's he revolutionized and he was just a good guy. I mean, every time every conversation I ever had with him. He was complimenting me. On the dark days, when I make a mistake he, he grabbed grabbed my shoulder just in the garage the next week. And just say, I'm and just learn from that. And that was pretty dumb. What the yet was. So he, he was just a good guy knew a lot. And he just was always always there and it's kind of odd now that not have them in the truck series. But we'll go on with his memory and it's really cool. They put that much of an effort into having him on the trophy, and, you know, he's a big a big figure big life figure, and he's big on the trophy. I agree. We all agree here at M R N as we as we leave gateway in the rear view mirror. You're qualified for the play offs provisionally. You've got the wind that gets you in. You've got to get the twentieth. You're thirty eight points out. You got five races to go and your next race Ishikagi land. Number one, is that doable for you at number two. What do you have to do at Chicago land to get as many of those points as possible here under the lights Friday night? Yeah. Mean just execute. Same thing we've been doing. I mean Iowa we were the dominant truck, but Kansas and gateway we execute it. And, and same thing, just taking the truck, we ran at the second Texas race and Charlotte. We had the fastest one of sides. Johnny solder. We had, I would say the second fastest truck at the second Texas race with this truck so looking forward to it. The time is always Ross. Yes, sir. Mike. Thanks for having me. And we'll see y'all Chicago. That's Ross Chastain winner under the lights gateway this past weekend. Coming up. Let's talk more trucks, we'll be joined by defending truck series champion Brett Moffitt who want a couple of weeks ago in Iowa happens to also be the defending winner of this weekend truck race at Chicago. He'll go face to face with our Anna new that congrats to Ross Chastain this week's autozone. Driver of the week. Got a job to do need parts.

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