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I liked working with it because I got to design more, but the men any men that you ever talked to about, if it was like there is a furious one other custom from Carol Burnett years. Mrs Wiggins dippy secretary, well, Tim Conway late Tim Conway, who is brilliant, rope that sketch and wrote it for himself and for Carol and he wrote it as an elderly old lady just who is the secretary and couldn't get it together. And we had done so many sketches about. Old folks, Harvey and Carol and Caroline, then everybody would put on their gray wigs and their, you know, their print dresses in their body pads and be old people. And, you know, we've been so much of this, and there was a group called the gray Panthers at the time. I said the gray Panthers have been sending you letters and they're not happy can't, we do somebody different than that because it's gotten. So it's not really funny anymore, and she agreed with me and she's all what should we do? And I said, let's dress like those temps that come in that sit at the desk, and watch the clock and do their nails and don't get much done and don't know how to do anything. And so we gave her a faira Fawcett hairdo and push up bra and tight skirt slit of shuffle. Well, she had walked with her knees together. Now sick out your but, you know it was like one of those things, and she goes, oh, I get it. Okay. And it became a regular very often certain characters in the show became regulars. But sometimes we'd say, oh, we think this could be. Regular we'll do a whole character. And then it just lays there doesn't get repeat escape. But that same thing happened when she was doing her impression of glorious once and sunset Lamar as Nora Desmond. She was Nora wasn't much of a different name. Those eleven years with Cowburn show, then were doing mama's family, all kinds of other things mama's family. I did with red Turner who I later worked with a lot on the share show. But I had to stab the look of the mama's family group and so- Joe Hamilton, who was care were nets husband at the time he gave me some money every week just for having established the original. So I basically didn't do moments family, although I did get an MBA with red, and we tied with dynasty, which was really funny because this is this is like low end low class plenty close. And there was dynasty with all this beads and shoulder pads and whatever, you know. Right. Well, what was it? The I mean, I guess you and Carol to this day. Same. A very special bond. Thank you really hit it off to the extent that you would work for all of those years together. When you I know you were also doing other things simultaneously and those I'll mention in a second, but I mean that's a pretty similar in many ways. You know, her grandmother, brought her up her parents were both troubled and alcohol, and whatever. And so they lived in the same maybe apartment house, but she and her grandmother lived together, and they went to the movies a lot. So she knew all these movies. She's a little older than me. So she knew some that I didn't really know them. Well, but basically, when we would do our movie takeoffs, which we did many after a while, you know, really a lot. We really got it. And I said, well, what if you do this, and then I made her special eyebrows for Joan Crawford. The fifties Joan Crawford. The eyebrows just became the caterpillars, and I think they really grew they were real really. You know, I went to the way glady, and we made little ones on we lace and they glued them on. And she has the best time, she would do anything for a laugh as long as it's a good laugh, we just had her on the podcast, a few months ago and she was she the best she's singing. You're absolute best, but also fun to hear her. Talk about you, and now get to hear you so. Well, that's, but we really she trusted me. So no. Don't black that tooth out black the win over here. That, that one's out the Senator when I think is like a hillbilly number..

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