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They do ED's now on NBC website. And also, obviously on their TV networks. So it's I think it's actually smart, it's too complicated. But I think it's smart in the sense that it's it's them admitting they need to build their own streaming service. While also being accepting the fact that there's a current way they make money, and they need to keep the money rolling in in that way. But this is an example, I think Mike when we talk about all these streaming services and all the silos going up like it used to be everybody had their own business. And then there was this insularity business for streaming where you just chucked bunch of your archival content and your old shows into it, and that's basically net flicks at the beginning. Which was like, sure, Netflix, whatever, blah, blah, blah, and they did their own things on their primary business. And now all of them realized they can't do that. Netflix is the primary business they need to take their stuff back and build their own net. Flicks. The Bill their own silo. And so everybody's doing it. Disney's doing it Warner's doing it and doing it CBS did it. And then obviously there are other players like apple. So this is just this is where we're going to end up, and and it's interesting if we bring in the other piece here, which is of and I think we've got an item about it in a minute is net. Flicks is aware that providers of content like NBC universal are going to be less inclined to sell a lot of their content to Netflix and the future because they're going to want it for their own service. Just like how Disney is going to build up marvel shows on Disney, plus and the marvel shows are are going to get canceled at Netflix. So we're we're seeing this realignment happen where all the big players have realized that inflex is not going to they don't it's not Nance Larry revenue stream anymore. It's like the revenue stream of the future, and they want to own it. And so they're all going to build their own silos and pull the content off of Netflix. Eventually with the exceptions of like we mentioned a few weeks ago that friends deal where Warner Brothers basically got paid a huge amount of money by net flicks to keep friends on Netflix because it's a huge show for for net flicks. But in the end, they're gonna put it on their own streaming service. Because of course, they are Disney will show off that streaming service that you mentioned Disney plus for the first time on April eleventh annual investigating very what that ends up looking like and mentioning Netflix and popular TV shows Steve corral is going to be starring in a new net. Flicks comedy about space falls, which is the current US government's attempt to creating a new space new branch of the military base force. Yeah. I I've struggled to really explain it. Because my brain con if I see it. It set today byu soon Steve Carell is creating this series with with Greg Daniels who is responsible for adapting the office for the US. Now is important for.

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