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Flow women circle and she's long told me that i can share anything about her coaching Anything that said in her sessions and after the session. We did today when it was done. I asked her. If i could share it on the podcast because it was a perfect example of a lot of the work that many of my clients are doing not only in spark an hustle and flow but also in sullies and super excited to share this with you. Joel and i have had many conversations about the relationship. She's had with her mom and the way she grew up. And when i first met joel you'll hear us reference the talbot's woman but when i first met joel in real estate. She was really putting on this perfectionist wardrobe. Look right be right. Do right persona. That wasn't the authentic joel and so very early on in our coaching. She was like let go the talbot's lady and she let her hair go wild and curly and started wearing really colorful clothes and just been beautiful to watch her journey she. I think the last three years was one of the top ten in her company. Globally she's been in real estate for twenty five thirty years. I don't remember the exact number. She's also a certified koya teacher and she left. She and her husband moved last month. This month moved from california to texas. They sold their home and moved across the country to create a new like in texas and joel is a new space in her life. She hasn't decided if she's going to pick up real estate here or if she's going to completely reinvent herself and right now she is giving herself permission to explore and to create and to just be but she's also moved her mother to texas with her. And so you can imagine a move across country a new city. Doing all the things you have to do. They're building a house and so for the next six or seven months there living in a rental house that's fully furnished. And so all these outer stimulations are causing some turbulence and so we pick up today with some very sweet parts work with joel where we are not only acknowledging the child in her and just just to give you a little bit more context. She had shared in our group program. This week a picture. She saw a video. She saw of a family member and she was like this. Little girl. looks just like me. Just like i did. And every time. I see this video i think of me and her mother was near her when she was watching the video and the mother made a derogatory just harsh comment that reminded joel when she was little and of course we were all celebrating the little girl that looks just like joel dead. So there's a little bit of the background context as we come into this conversation with joel and helping her to get back to self trust and self leadership and soothing. The parts of her that are feeling tender and frustrated and protective. It's an honor to share this episode with you. Thank you then. Inner shape is already connected. Hi thank you for your grades yesterday. I just felt like shed. I feel fine in the mornings. Knacker nunes by lungs. Just get real crumbly and i get tighter. So it's not a congested. My guess is that. I have some kind of mild upper respiratory infection. It's starting to move into my sinuses. The last week it was in my chest. I took a kobe. Tesla got home when he was still negative. I used to have this stuff all the time. It's just moving slower into.

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