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These are the daily Tech headlines Tuesday February eleventh twenty twenty. I'm Sarah Lane the director of engineering at Google Google's everyday robots Max Braun unveiled a prototype e ink newspaper display called paper the buzzer lists thirty one point two inch black and white display downloads. A newspaper's the front page overnight. And then displays it on the screen. Peoper doesn't have any buttons or other ways to interact with the device a US district judge has ruled in favor of sprints grants twenty six billion dollar deal to merge with T. mobile which now only needs the California public utilities commissions approval to go forward attorneys general from a dozen states sought it to buck the deal arguing that combining number three and number four. US carriers would stifle competition and create higher prices for consumers. The company said that the merger would help them compete against. At and T. and verizon and building nationwide five G. Network more quickly a new Nielsen study shows that in the last three months of two thousand. Nineteen netflix accounted for thirty one percent of streaming two. TV's youtube second. With twenty one percent Hulu came in third with twelve percent and Amazon took eight percent other free and ad-supported offerings including offerings from Apple and Disney took a twenty eight percent chunk of Viewership Nielsen. Also reported that of overall. US video viewing on TV's streaming now mix up nineteen percent axios sources say. That snapchat is launching. New Tools and custom content are run mental health and wellness including a search function that surfaces health and wellness resources sources on subjects like depression suicide and anxiety. An example would be if a user typed the word anxiety into the search the snap series chill pill would surface along with episodes of other shows that show anxiety relieving videos snap is also said to be developing more original programming covering mental health issues in a constructive way the the group behind the big M. L. machine learning platform us some deep neural networks trained on factors that were considered best predictors of an Oscar winner. They used things like a film synopsis. US Other Award Show Nominations Film Festival prizes and more of the categories. Ed May predictions for it. Got Five right going against oddsmakers choices. Nine hundred seventeen seventeen and predicted. Once upon a time in Hollywood would win best picture. Those were not right. Parasite won the algorithm also predicted that the Irishman would win best adapted screenplay while all the oddsmakers favored Joe. Joe Rapid The oddsmakers one that one as well the algorithm also got best director. Wrong apple has joined the fast identity online or fido reliance which seeks to develop and promote stronger authentication standards than passwords other members include Amazon facebook Microsoft and Simpson was support for the alliance's universal universal. Second factor open standard chrome fire Fox edge and opera browsers all natively support Youtube F. and thirteen point. Three Safari also supports Fido to to complaint physical security keys like you key the Washington Post and German public broadcaster. ZDF OBTAIN CIA documents that say Swiss encryption firm Crypto A. G. was secretly formerly owned by the CIA and a classified partnership with West German intelligence and sold rigged devices to foreign governments to spy on messages messages that users thought were encrypted clients included Iran India Pakistan Iraq Nigeria Saudi Arabia Syria and the Vatican Swiss is info reports that the Swiss government has officially opened an investigation into Crypto A. G. and at the general export license for Crypto devices has been suspended until open questions have been clarified. Clarified Microsoft announced that based on feedback. It's reversing its plan to auto install and Microsoft search extension for office three six five pro plus customers using chrome which would have changed users. Default search engines to being Microsoft originally said that this would help customers use Microsoft search and being Internet search capability which requires being to be the default. Finally the Federal Trade Commission has requested information from Alphabet Amazon Apple facebook and Microsoft about mergers that were too small Malta. Report to anti-trust agencies the companies are asked to provide terms scope structure and purpose for each transaction made between January first twenty ten and December thirty first one thousand nine hundred nineteen the also asked to provide details on post acquisition integration product development and pricing as well as how data was treated the. FTC says. The request was part of the study of the issue of companies buying potential.

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