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What he added yes what was the beginning of loose what is the meaning of this where we have wondered about this ever since lisa marie presley broke from scientology like three years ago she's just only made vague references in song lyrics and did like they're taking my so my my my money my everything in any way we know that release where he is no longer involved with a call to and we always wondered about priscilla great and is she or isn't she well the daily mail had come up with a story that priscilla told friends that she left scientology um they kind of are doing it that it was a source close to tom jones because priscilla and tom jones have known each other for a long time and that um you know we know the pa's priscilla got into scientology after elvis died and she reached out to john travolta and he roped her into had yes and lisa marie was like eleven and elvis was anti scientology on the record saying all those people one is my money that random but a damn called so it's always been iraq nick you know that priscilla got into it yes so i've spokesperson for priscilla presley told people magazine um they have no comment and then he got a comment she remains a member of the church so because it was interesting 'cause i read this article as saying like finally oh this is such good news for the brazil daily mail story day like they're filling in yeah i'm dan well end because priscilla was taking care of lisa marie is daughters right the twin daughters now in scientology but lisamarie hasn't been declared suppressive because she didn't go out in a wall of flames like he dinner remedy lay she alluded to or in a few interviews in in a bunch of songs that came up that 2014 albon her and so i'm just wondering our way i think he may well know because it makes sense she probably isn't a member in a member in scientology but she's given so much money over the years and as long as she quiet about it and doesn't say anything they can deny that she's left way okay and they won't samir her so if you go away quietly and you've got elvis presley money behind you and your hair will do anything than they're not going to treat you like a regular scientology practitioner.

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