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There's no yeah. But not on rue shooting at black people. Doing i defend or homicide neuroses. They are delightful. If i were to build a business. And someone's gonna lose. You know what i mean you know. I love black people. Wanna say one thing there awesome. I read my comics blackout. Until especially when i first moved to l. a. They'd be like yemen. And why do you guys say you know you touch you buy and no browsing in. Your store is because of the fact that you guys sometimes steal what your and you have to be suspicious of us because sometimes you shoot the guy behind the counter european bigotry. Here's the here's the problem. Here let me let me explain the problem. And this is this is right. Take a turn for the racist so preceding down. This is where this word happens. We as indigenous honky here. Have we think the same sort of thing we've had beaten out of us like dumas. Don't think that way don't do that. Whatever when you take a culture and you bring them from another land and you drop them here and you put them in a cab and they see the prison is filled with black guys and then they see the black guy is trying to hail them in a bad neighborhood and they go fuck it. I'm gonna keep driving because they're not racist they're just doing a math for right or for wrong is almost in a sense sad. And here's the racist part. it's a sort of. They are assessing the same way. That if i went to korea and somebody said hey there's those koreans and then there's these other koreans and the prison is filled with these kind of koreans. Then i'd be freaked out. If i was driving a cab about picking up those kind of koreans right and it's not right and everyone knows it's not right but you know what it's there it was there and there's a reason why that guy says you know you don't touch your you buy or keep an eye on or whatever it was created but in many ways though just to defend black people is that koreans do go to underprivileged neighborhoods mean to open these stores because they know that that's built get a lot in business because they're poor and the state's chief and they like to drink shirt. Everyone likes to drink while you're at me like that. It's like they like drain. We like to shoot black people. You've got a brand new roller skate. I got a set of keys. It's an awesome. It's an awesome match a match made over the years. I think it's been t don't hear about it anymore. That good koreans and the blacks in los angeles used to do a little more battle than they do and somehow i think magic johnson is smooth. Tang clan attacked. I think maybe it was. Bill cosby david alan grier bill cosby and the uk clients together. Smooth things but yes. I agree with you. The guy who shot up everyone on the campus of virginia tech his parents need to be called out and the news agencies. That never asked why the parents didn't seek counselling for this very sick individual google it. You can't google what they look like. When that happened. I wanted to google. Let me go again. What the parents look like. Because i wanted to get a visual. I mean a sense. You know what i mean and you can't find anything. It's like bobby. This is going to sound very race. Hey go ahead go ahead and find a mirror pretty close. Yeah but i'm say kit kit back johnny chung outfit picture and put suit and tired so tired of walking down the street and people driving by and going heroes. No i on. Toronto's like drives me hangover. That's a new. How does has a friend of mine mousy. Okay they're all friends of mine wreck sure but we don't look alike now. I mean be honest. Now a little bit now lloyd from to go put up a little not a little. Well no if lloyd from the entourage entourage said said you know what if wreck said. We're on a hiatus grow. Mustaches myself. a little bit grow my hair a little bit. You know what. I mean like like because see here so thing like brad pitt. Looks like brad pitt. But then sometimes yes the full biker beer and the long hair like a couple of different versions of at brad pitt. And he looks like still right. Yeah but if lloyd from entourage is maybe you're right who we looking at. The paris guy shot up everyone here. These career show grey's anatomy. You gotta understand ugly. American bobby now and bobby as connie chung right right first of all the way older than me. You do not look like the doctor. Yeah but Both good looking though. Let's just say he needed a stunt double for driving scene and cure is. I would not cry foul. That's why growing this mustache. Taking me nine years. See look at that now. I mean yeah nice guy man but both of them. Greg is but i'm not now i wouldn't say anything or you know what the worst was when but you know what it is. Let me say it's not like they pass by random koreans and yell this they recognize you as somebody like people. Call me jimmy kimmel lot. I don't look like jimmy but they sort of recognize me. They recognize you..

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