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Goodbye also had a problem in the nearby twin city of sugar algan those cute okay this story i would like to call hooker by crook al qaeda okay so this guy okay he his name is saul motto vegas and he won a lot of money he got i think what was it ninety six thousand dollars in a lawsuit settlement somebody ran into him he got a settlement cashed it in for ninety six thousand off right that's a lot of money as a lot of money and he decided that he was going to celebrate as you do i would celebrate it'd be like hey guys let's all go out and have a nice steak dinner i just one ninety six thousand dollars from this dopey lawsuit right he didn't steak dinners not his thing or maybe they were but also on his items of celebration hawker's because what better way to you know to celebrate a windfall than the cash in with some ladies of the pay for this s so he pays for the cess and as page six calls at the new york post he went to a hot sheets motel that's the thing it says thank you he celebrated his lawsuit settlement with three prostitutes at a hot sheets motel unfortunately those hot sheets prostitutes also had to gun toting pals and after the brown chicken brown cow they busted into the hotel room and took his briefcase full of the ninety six thousand dollars that he had achieved in a lawsuit a hot sheets hotel by the way is a hotel which rents rooms by the hour i never heard that term used before sheets are moving their real sheets just saying like not in this case hot sheets cool we delight odd because you'll get round anyway they showed some photos of the robbers in question they of course wearing hoodies and you could not see who they were the guy said i've been haunted by this i keep playing it over and over in my mind i was surprised they pulled a gun what's going on i said i yelled help how i was depending on that money to move my family he had suitcases with ninety six first question goto like like like what are you even call it like lawsuit's settlement store all right can we go to pennsylvania real quick yes yup okay a guy in pennsylvania he wanted a quick buck.

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