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Now we are at 82 same at SeaTac where the air quality is at 60 which is considered moderate Northwest news time 226 the first trailer is being released upcoming for an biopic about Bob Marley Michael Kastner reports Bob Marley one love will tell the reggae star story from his start in to his rise to global stardom Kingsley Benadir is set to star as Marley and his wife is played by Shauna Lynch Marley's son Ziggy is serving as a producer on the project and said the film is a commemoration his of father Bob Marley one love hits theaters on January 12th I'm Michael Kastner. The Super Mario Brothers movie is coming to streaming highest -earning film of the year will debut on Peacock August 3rd was it super successful at the box office collecting 1 .3 billion dollars worldwide I'm Marina Rockinger and here's what's going on sponsored by Muckle Shoe Casino grab your dance shoes and head over to the Seattle Cuban Festival Dance starting tomorrow through July 9th with Cuban dance classes at the University of Washington and live Cuban dance all over Seattle here comes some fun for the whole family it's the Venardos circus featuring acrobatics aerial jugglers maneuvers dancers and more at Star Center in Tacoma it's more than a circus you're gonna find all kinds of entertainment on hand including old -school vaudeville Friday through Sunday the 9th it's bluegrass from the Forest Festival with national headliners jamming and more at Shelton South Mason Soccer Park Camping is available there. This Saturday July 8th it's Les Claypool's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade. the It's summer of green tour at Marymoor Park and deadheads gather at the gorge this Friday and Saturday for dead and company featuring past members of the Grateful Dead including Bob Weir Mickey Hart and more John Mayer is a regular as well. Kick your shoes off and lay back for a groovy experience at the gorge and that's what's going on. Marina Rockinger Northwest News Radio Northwest News Time 27 ABC headlines straight ahead discover the ultimate all -inclusive approach to kitchen and bath remodeling from Evergreen Home Remodeling and Design with an exceptional team of designers architects and craftsmen working harmony in on

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