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A draw. Mr. Tyson, would you think that I'm good with that? You think you won the fight? Yeah, I'm going to do it. Why? Because I entertain the crowd. The crowd was happy with me back to you in a second. You happy with the straw? No. I know said if I was wrong Wear draw on to draw like for me, I thought didn't know boxing on outside. Ted's out, But you know, I'm cool. Draw means just might try to do it again. Oh, there it is right there, Right. There it is. They're setting up for round two. On Did I love the line when they say I wear draws? I don't do draw, right, Jones, Eh? So you tell me. What did you have fun watching it? Did you like it? If your ending nostalgia and boxing it was cool, seeing both of these dudes out there because they're two different types of fighters like Roy Jones was giving you the no look jab that he was famous for Tyson gave you some glimpses of Just the ambush. But this was an eight round fight where the rounds were only two minutes long. Not the normal three minutes, because both these dudes are in their fifties. So toward the end of the first round, Yes, there's a lot of hugging going on. And this wasn't a real sanctioned boxing match. Right. He was an exhibition deal trying to bet on it. I couldn't bet on it because it was exhibition only, um so If you knew what it was going in fine. I'm happy. I didn't spend 50 bucks to watch it but watching it for free. It was a cool trip down old school way and just the back to the original topic of Tyson admitting that you get high before the fight. I mean, that's a problem, isn't it? Didn't tests before we'd in this clearly because it was put on by like a weed company. That's what I was doing this event now they tested for other drugs like performance enhancing steroids, all that kind of stuff, but they didn't test for weed. So that's normally something that wouldn't happen in a normal boxing match where draw on to draw a great line before we move on the fight before that fight, like the undercard fight was former NBA player Nate Robinson and some YouTube celebrity. And Nate Robinson. He's one of slam dunk contest before it's kind of a little little guy played for the Knicks. Probably what is best known for. He got knocked out so hard. I thought he died like he was literally laying down on the mat. This YouTube dude, um Paul, Jake Paul, I had to ask my youngest who he was, and his answer was a do sh. Oh, no, her Neitzel. Lights out. So here's what I'm thinking. If we're going to get another Jake Paul fight with an MBA guy, I won't run our test in there. You give me runner test. I think you've got yourself a much different fight. Okay? I'm watching it right here. Oh, my cash. Well, that Jake Paul do. He's a YouTube star. Yes, he puts out like music videos. He does, you know Commentary on YouTube. He's one of these influencers. Um and I didn't know what to expect. I never heard of the guy, but I just retweeted. It s so this was again another exhibition style novelty. Thing. Ah, YouTube star versus an MBA. It was a player right? Former NBA player in a YouTube star and the YouTube star just turned his lights out, man..

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