Senator Joe Donnelly, Indiana, FBI discussed on Tony Katz and the Morning News


Facebook Tony cats radio. That's where you find us streaming show from time to time we're doing so right now, I want to share with you this audio from Senator Joe Donnelly democratic Senator, of course of our beloved, Indiana. And it's important to understand that when I say that Joe Donnelly lied. I mean that he lied. I mean that he's lying. I say it as clear as I possibly can into the mic into the camera without any fear of reservation whatsoever. Joe Donnelly is lying. It's despicable. And you need to remember this come election time. He opposed the nomination of Brad Kavanagh, he had held it close to the vest. And then he allowed the blood sport of the Senate Judiciary committee to happen without ever saying, this is beneath us without ever saying who's your common sense says we should not act like this or treat somebody this way. We actually like evidence here in Indiana. Then he decided that he was going to be a no vote until there was an FBI investigation. And then Jeff flake said he wanted FBI investigation now Joe Donnelly had to live up to his words and the last thing that progressive Joe Donnelly wanted to deal was lit up to his words moderate Joe Donnelly said, well, let's have more of an FBI investigation. Then he got one and progressive Joe Donnelly said this is not what I want. Now, I got actually pay attention, and I don't want that. I just wanted an out. So I could vote no which he did by proclaiming that Brett Kavanagh's temperament wasn't acceptable the temperament conversations the conversation from the progressive overlords. Maisy Hirono and Kamla Harris, and Richard Blumenthal who lied about his Vietnam service and Cory Booker and dick Durbin. And of course, Chuck Schumer. That's where it comes from. That's where this whole temperament line comes from and Joe Donnelly fell right in line. And then when it was all said and done Joe Donnelly had the audacity to put out a video and say this the nomination process for.

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