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Downey now is seventy five degrees in Ontario seventy, eight, degrees, LA, Civic, Center seventy four degrees police have identified that suspect. In the hostage situation at a trader Joe's. In. Silverlake was set at. Two million dollars as twenty eight year old. Jean Evan Atkins was booked into jail on suspicion of murder a trader. Joe's manager was killed during the standoff though it's unclear if, Atkins or officers shot, the woman one man whose kids were held hostage says he, still processing everything what motivates people to do what they do and you. Get caught in a random active insanity another witness says her friend works at the store Was trapped inside as well he's just kinda saddened by, all the younger people. Who had to witness all this he's okay. Losing an employee and a friend is definitely tough trader Joe's says it was the toughest day in the stores history in a, statement it says. The silver lake location will be closed until further notice to give employee's time to process the incident grief counselors are being made available to them. As, well Cooper Rummell KNX ten seventy NewsRadio one of the. Hostages was CBS employees Lynn west differ she says, there were several moments when she and the other captives. Thought they might be killed in cold blood for sitting on the. Floor and there are a couple of different times when he threatened us flat out and it. Happened when he wanted to speak to his granny They were trying to track her down. Because we heard that he had shot her western for says at one point. A gunman started counting down in that made her and the other hostages thing that he. Was getting ready to shoot them just prior to the. Deadly standoff the suspect shot his grandmother and girlfriend during a family dispute Elliott police. Say the. Grandmother is hospitalized, in critical condition the girlfriend had a grace wound to her head of course I'm very worried about my neighbors they're. Very sweet people Rhonda's a good friend they look out for. My house when I'm not home they call me. If. Somebody comes up there shouldn't be there are they're. Just beautiful neighbors lycee gunmen drove. Off in his grandmother's car before leading, police, on a. Pursuit trading, gunfire with the officers and then taking the hostages inside of that Silverlake trader Joe's a phone hotline has been set up for. Pediatricians in Orange County the aim is to cut deaths by suicide and provide, early treatment for mental health problems children's hospital of Orange County The hotline links pediatricians. With psychiatrists who can, offer emergency help usually within just an hour the hospital's pediatric psychologists Heather Hughes t- tells connects more,.

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