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Michigan scoring a one nothing lead through the opening twenty minutes it is a little breaking out of his own code this is their for your consideration the Minnesota defense practicing right for once more yeah your I remember when he was from last year very smooth skating high scoring defenseman for them now with the Vancouver Canucks New York is currently in the field head coach Mel Pearson Frank was telling us that before a game tonight and you can see two two on this eighteen year old freshman of all places another cat from San Diego is that thank you further the support is pretty good if you're from New York sleeker from San Diego similar to pulls a short flight at twenty behind the Minnesota now to step off the board schools or breaching units sold on his papers to come away with the puck here soon lost the haters and transfer from as a grad you're allowed to do that without having this call exports fell to soon resume she'll unlock which brings a **** cross the line but there are some go to neutralize will come for face off as both teams make blind to I already told you what was Johnson's three to two win over Ohio state which is one of the doors and asked to open if the golden gophers hard to finish as league champion this year another game is in progress but late in the third period Michigan state three Notre Dame won that game being played at Notre Dame and about less than three minutes to go it is Marty has been a little bit flat of late well first off in the function of the Michigan's own summers noted down and plays the head of the center of the defenseman used a lot in this game brings a final concern arise your first official title on the line is Ryan Johnson minor penalty to really be whistles finally blown against the Wolverines will be penalized here is it with playing Michigan that the gophers run into these checks a couple years since that's happened there was setting up a power play opportunity for the gophers and a chance to send another child with heart disease to campus today and on behalf of Dan's Ryan is what comes to sixteen of the second period power play brought to you by the Minnesota lottery if you're game for a little excitement just say wait a minute the first mailing one nothing the first power play tried again.

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