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Does a guide to throw the football those three in the quarter o logan woodside there he is looking lasted all the way to the almost the last pick he was tuned to forty nine the bengals slogan woodside from toledo dropped pretty far actually there i thought he was going to go little bit earlier but i guess not interesting as the man from toledo goes late we had a safety from yale go as there either league and getting a little shot out for the ivy league is trying to spread around here trying to get some people involved all over the all of our nation here yeah i said western kentucky had a couple of guys looking for my boy from richmond my quarterback from richmond whereas he go has to be up early as now in the fourth round he was picked that early where was where's my quarterback things as i'm just kind of going along here through my draft as wanna give a law as much as much as i can give give everybody i know we had some quarterback oh yeah there was two in the six round and then one none in that second round went everybody kind of went in the first round obviously five in that first round for the first time i think ever one in the third one on the fourth one in the fifth okay we gotta find those guys we go through i mean i i wanna find that guy from richmond where'd he go.

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