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For fucking hours. But the shit dude, she makes such bomb food stuffing is my favorite food that I try to limit myself to eat. Like for four days a year around thanksgiving. It's. Stuffing is sausage or no sausage sausage, like what's missing farms on their November two members, sandwiches kale, stuffing. That is unreal sandwich. Just with that stuff, it's called November to remember everything is a special that is the best place you say Brits Mendocino forms? Yeah. Oh, yeah, they, I think I've had that there. That's a good sandwich yet. I've never been sausage. I'm might ooh, always tres in. Yeah, I don't know about that. I don't hate that, but I don't know about pro sausage. Crumbly sauce. Really? Yes. I guess sounds good. Yeah, just never. It's you can barely even see it really when it's an air, but you know, and you can taste it when you're like, ooh, that was bred n. meet in one bite. It's the best. Yes, stuffing is sweat bread at it's so good. Gravy on and you can eat by the mall. No-one isn't what stuffing. We did a beer bread, stuffing. Yeah, we did a beer breads hitting giving. We did a thanksgiving, my house like two weeks early. So the technical friends giving? Yeah. Kind of against now you really think it ruins things giving really? Yeah. Okay. Ruins the actual day because I've had everything already. Yeah, I think I think if you're having giving in lieu of, yes, that's true. But he made it. Yeah. Here, Brad, what's beer brand breads, a quick bread that's just beer, baking powder and flower. Like let it go stale. It had gone. He'd had he'd made it a like a giant thing that, yeah, we just hosted on we. We made it croutons out of it, then made it. That's awesome. Bread. That's something we don't make in this house ever. Yeah, I just got into it because I bought east four thing for the show, and then it was like, we'll have yeast. I guess I have to make cinnamon rolls. I gotta go by cinema. Everything else, but at least I have the us. Yeah, but it's actually really fun if because I work from home right now, so it's great like, oh, I have time to do something for thirty minutes. Leave it for two hours right back to it, and it kind of smells like you're really feels like you're really making something which is nice. Oh, that's. Bills the house kind of this beer? Yeasty thing. It's good. I bake my bacon. So that's like, yeah. When you said you're really good at breakfast, I was like, I wonder if he makes his AAC because that's the way to do bake my bag only. And now I've got, I've got like a grill piece that goes in the tray. So that doesn't sit in its own. And it sort of comes out and it's with thick, cut bacon. It really hits. That's my favorite like that. Texture of like thick cut bacon when the fat has left, but the like it's almost like the like the just the tiny bit of cells that held the fat in place and when you bite into it and it explodes kind of is my favorite thing. Yeah, the best. So fucking here. We are having a lot of smoke pork just shouting about other well. Yeah, this is my like, like what me and my wife do literally every single day and night is eat a meal. While talking about other meals, we liked at a restaurant for the first time having never eaten on rushing back. This place is so bombed. Ooh, where else we gotta go? Oh, do you remember how good the wings were at this place? Do you know what I've been getting into? And I'm starting to think I might have a job opportunity for you guys. Some pop up like restaurants and events. My friends, Wendy, and shrewdly at when you're hungry. These these ladies are amazing cooks and they fire up like a random event like once a month and that and they're just like, hey, we're doing thing here at this place where cooking out we, they each tackle, like one major dish and throw. But recently they've also got into making infused like weed infused this. Yeah, I just I just went someone at fat birds in east LA and they made like three fat birds that by the way fry very good chicken, the drive we talk with them for the show. We've talked chitlins which is scary. I don't mind if it's meet..

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