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Northbound I twenty five after dry creek. And that's got four or five other cars involved in this scratch. Two left lanes are blocked northbound I twenty five dry creek one lane blocked. Southbound the left lane is blocked southbound as you make your way down toward dry creek. They're picking up some debris, huge delays in the tech center this morning, and it stretching all the way back before ridge gate. You've got big delays on that westbound. I seventy six drive, but you decided eligibilty can help you with that drive westbound, I seventy six Sheridan all lanes open there. That's good. But the backups are still back to the commerce city area back to seventy four th on that westbound. I seventy six drivers stay on. I twenty five down. To I seventy I seventy is real heavy eastbound drive from Sheridan into the bright sun across the brighten your drive onto to five is heavy from. I love getting down to the tech center. Cherry creek dam road is back open. And speaking to the southeast side, it looks like somebody's gone to jail after a crash on westbound, I left after Parker road after leads Daljit say as you make your way over toward Quebec just as you cross the Highline canal somebody put their truck into the Highline canal in the middle of the construction zone this morning. I wonder what they've been drinking looks like they're going to jail looks like you've got big backups all the way back to lease Dale this morning on that drive as you make your wait westbound on Isla rest. Your drivers wanted just crowded in the usual spots. It's Friday is report sponsored by tjmartelLorg foundation. D J Martell foundation music province for the cure. Learn more visit T J Martell dot org. Does T J Martell dot org. Next update coming up at seven forty KOA. Newsradio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station..

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