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Four number one seeds or Gonzaga, Baylor, Illinois and Michigan. We've got a ton of it. Let's do it. Let's do it. Yes, sir. 16 Games today 16 more tomorrow. So you get your bracket and start sweating out the madness that is March along three. Could cake cutting and showing off the rage? The four point game with 16 seconds to go. Does everybody think March madness? No 20 minutes of basketball's That's all it is. Good, good band. So anything happens 40 minutes? Well, Ramblers are going to the NC double a tournament again. They beat break 75 to 65. Loyola came Such a passion for getting to this and she a big dance. If we could be Illinois way could be anybody else on this piece of paper. Keegan hurry now to see J. Frederick. He's been hot misses that jump shot, though. From the right way goes there with a rebound up and add Lucas Garza with three badgers around him. I came back to play with this team. These guys and I came back playing this term, So you know this is something I've been locked into. So for a while now, you know, it is very exciting to be here on the top. Schoolbooks at a tournament championship to an undefeated regular season championship. Every darn game we have to be ready to go, and we have to play really, really well, Here's your fellow in there steal, he dies on the floor. He sees it to those sumo trends and swam way really could soak it in all at one time, because, you know, we just had one big 10 tournament title We were selling bread were cut down the Nets and then It's like this, okay more So it was a great great feeling. This one will land on the inbound and it's over and with Pitino has done with no other end CIA basketball coaches diamond his 15 has advanced to the N C. A. A tournament, you know will be prepared. We know what we're up against. Certainly we have great respect for them. Patrick Ewing wins the Big East Tournament championship. Contending is a player in the early eighties and now He wins the Big East 21 championship as the head coach. We've had some bumps in the road here in the air going doing this front, but right now we've been playing our best ball, and that's something that we have to continue to do. That's a story in and of itself. Patrick Ewing leading the Hoyas.

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