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You were nineteen ninety-two the two totally check out. This is for the future welcome to love it or leave it. I'm your host John. On Love Hemsworth. It's so great to be in the year of our Lord. Bezzaz twenty-fifty live from the comedy store where just last night Hollywood would legend Gene Gillis did his famous Justin Trudeau Brown face impression. Wow never thought I'd see it in person what a treat on so sorry all right as as you all know this is the thirtieth anniversary of the UN climate action summit which really was a turning point for the way we dealt with climate change and we thought we take a look back on just how much the planet has changed in a game. We're calling two thousand nineteen. I can't believe what happened to trump. Also does that mean. Hemsworth married married into your family or I married a Hemsworth and wanted to take the name but I wanted to keep my name. He just kept his name aw he stayed. Hemsworth and I'm became Hemsworth love. It and we still don't know which one it is. Maybe it's a couple of them. It's it's the future it's twenty fifty and I had to have two of them still left the third one out but which third one everyone knows take the westworld one all right here is how it works. I'll ask a question Tori from the last thirty years of history. Our panel will read clues to help us figure out what the answer is your job. Tori Lee to figure out what actually happened in the past thirty years reminder twenty-fifty Okay Tori. I've explained that very simple idea more poorly you think I think he did a great job. Thanks all right before we begin. I just want to thank our responser. Raytheon Disney. Goldman beef box raid the Disney Goldman beef box. You're hungry. We have the food question one after the UN climate action summit lead to some substantial goals being separate carbon emissions worldwide. What major historical event caused the United States to be the only major world power to nearly miss. Its emissions target. Is Today in twenty twenty six president. Roseanne Barr was about to sign into into La a repeal of President Warren's earns Medicare for everyone but didn't build a tornado rip through Washington. DC furious is president bar did the only logical thing she nuked the tornadoes or is it be due to widespread water shortages in two thousand twenty nine clean drinking water became the status symbol. We know is today. That's why Inbev introduced a line of hard waters with five percent alcohol by volume and fun flavors like like potable lime and no lead this trend led to many influencers arguing that we shouldn't shouldn't stop climate change because it makes them seem cool that they can afford things other people. Can't what do you think influencers are think and cool or is it see John want to say that when I was in Paris with President Obama. Would we were finally scored. This is not what I thought I'd be talking uh-huh this point but I'll say I was embarrassed. Well see president trump's abandonment of the Paris climate accord in in his first term but thankfully President Delaney reentered the Paris climate accord after negotiating an emissions exemption for Baldi's and we managed to avoid Oy the devastation of one point five degrees Celsius of global warming see you got it possibly Tori great job before question too. I just want to take another moment of thank our sponsor J. P. Morgan Amazon Wetzel Pretzels J. P. Morgan Amazon wetzel pretzels what cameras question to Kansas City famously claimed the club capital of the United States after was chosen as the main refugee relocation zoned for Miami before the Great Cocaine Exodus of twenty twenty three but then we got serious and tackle the crisis. How is it a Americans mobilized around the country electing pro climate Democrat leaders in the House Senate and presidency and we finally created a paper Straw that was just as good as plastic and that really unlocked the whole issue believe it or not or is it be Americans mobilized around the country electing pro-climate Democratic leaders the House Senate and the presidency and the fake meat corporate wars resulted in sheep delicious medium rare New York Strip steaks that could be three D. printed in sheets the size of drywall. What time is it see what at times John's Americans mobilized around the country electing pro climate democratic credit leaders in the House Senate and the presidency but it wasn't until Las Vegas got so unbearably hot that Sheldon Adelson junior which was just sheldon Adelson's consciousness downloaded into volunteer who wanted to wipe out his student loan debt said Fuck it and gave a billion dollars to Stacey Abrams doc. What do you think they want it to be. Sea Change that answer to one that a bruin could pick it would be it would be you didn't get it that's because we never cracked paper straws and when Vegas got too. Hot Sheldon Adelson just moved to Liam uh I also just want to take a moment to say a few words about Travis who we all miss. He died doing what he loved riding a lime scooter on the four or five. I can't believe September twenty third two thousand nine hundred was when he died seems like yesterday though I barely remember him question three. We all know by now that climb destruction is in binary isn't a save the world versus world is destroyed situation situation despite what Jonathan Franzen famously went to jail for fucking a bird one set hasn't happened yet future huge Franson fan right in the front row furious furious Franson head right. Oh my God did you see that how she turned turned on me and she was such a fan of the whole time. I mean one Jonathan Franzen jokes obviously we're in the future joking about Jonathan Franzen going to jail just back off aw just back off. I question does your last name. Start with an F. doesn't end with a Ranzan aw I'm getting heckled by huge Branson fat but it's unprecedented what you hear from Nebraska and you love Jonathan Franzen Transit. I liked freedom all right. The point is we staved off two degrees Celsius many feared but what did it take us too long to understand is a just one hundred companies responsible for seventy one percent of all warming. It was never about straws except for that one company. Straw Fire Inc just made straws and set them on fire that was about straws and fire. I guess this is the weirdest game we've done it. While Sean is a be a we need to spend less time arguing with climate deniers way more time weather rising our homes and businesses focusing on low income communities its support jobs slashes energy bills and cuts climate pollution when Illinois did it. They save four billion dollars in energy costs plus. We've found out climate. Denial was a lot like vape lung incurable and only the worst people were into it and it turned out you could get vape long by simply being in the same room with an unopened vape. That's crazy when we find that out. There are some dangerous. It's GONNA turn to been in the rapper. GonNa get forty million people. Is it a fighting climate. Change Saves Money for instance in two thousand eighteen. The average which cost of operating an electric vehicle in the United States was four hundred and eighty five dollars per year while the average for a gasoline powered vehicle was one thousand one hundred seventeen eighteen dollars unfortunately in twenty-fifty our money is worthless because all currency is in facebook's and you can only spend facebook's if you give them your literal face Tori. What do you think be no. It was all the above Tori you've won the Game Gift Card from our sponsor Walgreens Walmart William Morris Endeavor. Www me laughter is the best medicine because we rationed the medicine. Thank you for playing. We'll be right back. Don't go anywhere I love it or leave it. There's more on the way love it or leave. It is brought to you by simply safe on average burglary once every twenty three seconds in the US and what's crazy is that only one in five homes homes have home security just happen just not been one when just having a couple of at least two arena Saudia. 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