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Although the my version is V playgrounds features. All the same lessons. You'll find on the ipod vision. Their differences apple added sidebar untouched support for the micro s APP. Ooh touch going to get into that. That's a game changer. Right there and the micro vision allows you to use the lowercase or Navigate Code suggestions. The new macbook seamlessly with Franken's for IPAD. Thanks cloud you can start one playground on your Mac and then opened up late on your ipod. Cool right decided hold our way. This is the best part requires zero. Coding knowledge they go. That's where I like. Someone like me could even do. Yeah Wow and You know help you learn the basics. This is how you need to do it. And it's such a path. It's messing the programming languages for the most popular APPs on iphone and IPAD. Yeah you know you know you could be an An OP mogul by next week. This could be this could be my ticket out of this guy. Get Out of this podcasting but accurate. Finally my way out. Well let me ask you because I know you're really into swift Leandra like when you were playing around with with playgrounds. What was your like the best part lake? We're like well this. This is clearly what people need to be using where I became completely befuddled. Thirty seconds of looking at it. I don't I don't even know what a right you know what this yesterday. And it was a lot of fun and if you have been wanting to learn how to code. I actually would like to learn more about swift. I do wonder if it's going to be something that is popular in the future. I've seen languages come and go in the past were company will back something like even Dobie. Adobe has backed specific languages like Flash Adobe Air was one that is one that comes to mind and and then they just don't get adopted and so you waste all your time learning this language that no one actually ever will use ever again. Apple's a massive company one of the biggest so swift has that working for it. But I kinda wonder is swift going to be something that's worth investing in. I just did not convinced people such swift like crazy aren't they? I mean from what I saw something yesterday. Someone was talking about it saying that. You know I mean if you're going to be developing apps it's going to be using and You know apple's not going to go anywhere and the absolute it's just going to get bigger and bigger isn't it? I think that is the by far the most successful software platform On the planet. Right you know it This is the code. They use an island. People like this with playgrounds like this. You know zero coating I think you can you. Can you can create complete apps that without touching any code at all right. It's all use the libraries and a lot of his visual. I I think the point is to learn how to Code. So eventually you'll be touching the code. I would imagine but it is interesting to me just because I would love to learn how to create an APP. I mean that is a really useful skill set to be able to create like right APPS and released APPs. I've got this really killer APP that I've had my mind forever. I only want to talk about it. Because one of those things like I'm GONNA mention it. And then people are going to copy it because it's going to be clear moneymaker and it has like this built in Built-in In-app purchase mechanism odd. Just tell you as always trusted you. Guys aren't GonNa try thought up so what I'd say about this mothers. No I didn't. It's called rip off and there's just like a bunch of pictures of different kinds of gusts of winds and then you press it makes that corresponding fart. Sound right. Think how much fun you're going to have when you're showing this to your friends or like you're in class and like the teachers up there and she's writing something real boring and then like like you just launch off one of these like these fart. Sounds good around. She's GonNa be like who did that and everyone's going to laugh. And then you can have like a monthly subscription where we're always saying what is this like eighty dollars a month. No no no. The APP is free. But then there's the part of the week right so there's the part of the week which is discounted rights normally. They're going to be like I don't know I'm thinking like eight dollars per fart. Because they take a lot of effort to record and you have to have sound. Engineer and special microphones and stuff and and then every week we do you knew. Every week we do we. We could do like celebrity versions right. It's like you get like the Shit Kilo pack right so we go to his house and we record him and like in the shower after he eats like a Burrito and stuff and then we sell you that whole pack down. I can't wait to get this. Actually the more I talked about it the more I think this is GonNa make me millions going to be like That guy who runs oracle just off this one APP so yeah so a visual element. You could do cheek of the week. Chica. The week get out your jumpsuit. Lewis you're too good this this is going to be great and we gotta make a list of like celebrities like maybe apple slavery is like we definitely gotta get was on. There is going to be. That's going to be some Some really powerful flagellations record after he does one of his Segway Polo matches or something. They have gone too far. I'm just getting started this. I'm taking notes as we do this anyway. So it'd be great to be able to program that myself so I definitely want to play around with with programs are swift players K. We haven't even left. Let's do this. Let's do this last story so if you're frustrated with your apple keyboard we'll wrap up at the story. You're not alone and apple just got called out in a big way. Joe Joe Rabbits screenwriter. Which is a movie. I've never heard of have you guys heard of Joe Rabbit but I've heard of it. Yeah you everyone else. Think Joe Joe Rabbits. It's supposed to be great. Didn't mean Iran. Eventually sure when it comes to that. When it comes apple up TV PLUS GIOJA RABBITS SCREENWRITER. Vents are about the horrendous. Mac Book Keyboards. This has just gone mainstream. This is that's why I love this story because we talked about how bad the keyboards are but people who don't follow technology. They just have no idea. They don't even know what iphone version were on. You know people ask me all the time. Like wh- version of the IPHONE. Should I get? And they don't even know what's out there they just don't follow it. Actors love some to have some political message to impart to viewers at award shorts. Boy Do they ever we all just love hearing them comforting? Well that's why that's why I watched the second here. Their political opinions at last night's Oscars TYCO TT winner of the Academy Award for best adapted screenplay screenplay for Gioja Rabbit voiced his own passionate plea this time for apple to change. Its Gall Darn Mac book keyboards. He said quote apple needs to fix those keyboards. They are impossible to write on and they've gotten worse and makes me want to go back to PC. What because keyboards the bounce. Back for your fingers is way better and those apple. Keyboards are horrendous. Doesn't that just make you feel good inside loose I teach you? Don't know exactly how he feels all man. I absolutely I would go as far as saying that. The New Keyboard on the twenty nineteen sixteen inch math. Appro that one feature if you use the keyboard allot maybe worth upgrading. Just for that one feature. It's a night and day. Difference I still the tribunal is new ones. You GotTa get into the Apple Store and take a few clicks on the keyboard but you better take your band aids with you and actually put them on before you go because it's a nice experience. It's a real nice experience like you. Just get your fingers on there. And it's like. Oh yeah you're taping up and down and those keys they got just threat amount of give and at push you know like you don't feel like you're just typing on a glass surface. It just feels feels the way of keyboards. Should and I think you're the type of guy that would would appreciate something like that since you're on the keys all day long that'll joking. Stevie wonder of Apple Journalism Journalism Keyboards. Yeah Yeah.

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