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Is on the advisory board of black voices from the discounted with merry Walter good morning joining us now Roy Rodman he's the owner of Rodman's discount food and drug store he's second generation owner of Rodman's family owned business right thank you for joining us thanks for having me on your cell you know Rodman's right around the corner from the radio station so you probably have seen all of our faces at some point in time working there if you're in your store you wrote an op ed in USA today as a small business owner and your store in in the Bethesda the northern Chevy Chase area of DC was was looted and they came specifically to that area just to lose the high end stores and somehow your store as well I guess be because they they saw discount drugs and so they they thought that they were you know going to really clean up in there what has this done and I I think the looting and I correct me if I'm wrong the looting probably had more of a mental impact yes it had a financial impact but mentally how does that affect you as a business owner well it certainly feels like a violation anyone who have their house ransacked door broken into can understand one of the motional emotional involve you you get with something like that yeah so it didn't feel good at all our customers were very effective and support of of a of us after that breach I bet yeah I know your beloved your beloved store Rodman's discount food and drug out Roy what was the economic impact how badly did this for you well they were not the young fellows who broke the window came in the store we're not in the store all that long and we returned the call on hold to get you to shower after working a few hours in the morning and I noticed that the window in the front was broke and never before has anyone broken the front window and run going into our store to steal or loot it does this is the first I thought so many police cars going up and down Wisconsin Avenue but well this is great will be able to get some help but they were booked in at assignments and we're not able to come visit us or help us so we had to board up for our windows ourselves and take care of take care of securing the Yemen the building so what's the bottom line for you as far as the looting goes you were probably already suffering because of the pandemic but what did the looting due to you financially well first I want to tell you that we weren't suffering because we both brought in a lot of items to replace the missing thing and we we have our nimble and can turn on a dime with getting a hold of different distributors to fill gaps that goes from the big box stores haven't been able to do and we have a very loyal clientele yes they were all so supportive and held for us and then that was very nice there are sales have been very strong from from the time the pandemic pandemic was declared so we've we've done well in in in terms of sales and we've also went to online service Dr mentioned one line at G. mail dot com and we do curbside service for those who are uncomfortable coming into the store yes during the pandemic but since the looting the looting took place at on on may thirty first have you been able to recover in terms of the damage and get your store restocked and back up and running well we were open the next morning we did not miss an hour of skill we were able to sweep up and clean up the broken showcases for our watch repairman he he's a a lease department in our store and he was hit pretty badly but we help him get back up luckily he had insurance we had insurance we were broken into as well and our pharmacy as well the young people that they jumped through the window bash the door and got into the pharmacy was interesting to see that the items that they stole from the pharmacy works I relate medication so they didn't really know what they were dealing with good news for us and now I'm listener overweight and they might even overweight trying to lose weight I I can't imagine why you would take that stuff doesn't make any sense whatsoever well I don't think they knew they weren't so smart now where they call I mean I'm sure it was did anyone ever get caught who eluded your store I was told that week we gave a video to the police officers and I believe that they went down the street and in Tenleytown and I went and looted whole foods and target and I believe they were caught I'm not sure there was any prosecution or was it just a short visit that they may have had behind bars and and not very long wow it would there be any way if they did catch a these people could you or would there be an Avenue for you to press charges if the if they the cops chose not to or the or the prosecutor chose not to well I believe that it will stand down for the police officers that they were told not to to make arrests though they did retain some of the young looters for a short period of time okay wait so is rife with fraud is insane so it's a night of looting on may thirty first to your store gets hat you see cops driving up and down the street emergency lights on everywhere no cop comes to your business.

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