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Of how a lot of his peers viewed him while he was alive luchino and the commission met after shelton's death to quietly divide up his impair the immediate beneficiary of schultz's death is lucky luciano because he's the unofficial head of the organized crime in united states his peers they sort of carve up schultz's empire and luckily triano helps himself to a nice big portion dutch head lost everything because he didn't see how the mob was changing dutch scholtz was hated not only because he had no sense of style he was hated because he was unpredictable and the thing that these guys did not want at that time in history was somebody who would end up killing them you wanted to believe you were in business with a partner not somebody who would wake up on the wrong side of the bed and the next thing you know put a bullet in you dutch schultz was too much of a loner to public too dangerous in the end he was simply bad for business dutch was wild and defiant and killed you know even thinking schultz's fatal flaw is that he never grew up never matured that unlike his peers and especially unlike lucky luciano he never grew into the sort of slightly more mature far seeking kind of gangster who realizes you know that there are certain unwritten rules i can't be personally violent i've got a sort of fall back into the shadows a bit the schultz really is the same personality when he dies as he was when he was eighteen nineteen.

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