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Guys doing this morning. good morning. good morning very very well there. You go jeff pam. We were trading some pictures before we're on the air earlier and pam. It looks like you made a a ramp this week. The during the holiday season you made a rant share ramp. Is that what i'm seeing. Well sort of yeah. It's not for wheelchair not yet is this. Was this at your house. Yes that's my house. And i just have to say. I'm glad the holidays are over. Because i wore myself out. Yeah i know. I know so. That's when when i get extended periods of time off i will go to town. I pull out all my tools and all my would. And i love what you said in the intro about planning because i had been planning to revai up the injury into my backyard and it's a raised yard so you can use steps. But how do you get your lawn mower and your wheelbarrow up. Stints look at you okay. A ramp for the equipment. Good for you yeah and from afar would cause. I'm you know. I've got another load coming today. But i use one of these handy dandy wagons and fill that thing up with. Because i keep my firewood under my carport right so now i can just pull it up the ramp and Go right in. And then the steps that had been layer were not even and they were rickety and the railing wasn't good so i built it back so that all the stairs the exact same height and the and the ramp was exactly the right dimensions. And then i- trended all out with old. Would because and i were talking about this this morning i looked at it. And for those of you who can't see this this morning Her picture of this entrance way to her home It looks as though It's all done with with Previously used would. It looks really really cool. But i thought there's no way she could use that. That could be real. I wonder if she used repurpose would or if she went and bought wood and painted it to look like that. Oh no no no no no because we don't throw it away. Everything and i'm redoing my deck board bob board that has rotted and that's why i was so excited before the holidays because the would showed up l. lungs and i stocked up some redoing the deck boards and then i use those old deck boards to trim out the ramp and the staff. That's cool very cool. it looks. It looks really neat. You should be proud of that. So thank you so jeff. What were you working on for the holiday. Well i was working on Hang on to seconds. Move onto one other thing please. Yes sir. I'll take care that. I'll tell you what i worked on because my my list was huge. The list that i worked on first of all star shower faucets. You don't talk about the actual. Here's the deal. We had a leak in both showers coming from the drain. And i knew that it wasn't the drain itself. I knew that it was the was the to you. Know the things that determined to get water to come out so it was the handle. So i you know. Of course the handle is just is just a thing. Attached to what really makes the shower water. Go on and off and that is a cartridge stem. Kinda thing so anyway. I i had replaced some of the rubber on the ones a couple of times. But i'd never replace the entire cartridge now what that is. That's the the whole assembly that that you screw into the plumbing that makes it so the water comes on and off so you can buy those things individually. I know mine. They're they're they're mostly all brass. At least the older ones are. And i know mine were around fifteen bucks a piece and so i have to shower so i bought four of them because i was just going to go ahead and redo all and i did i did. There's there's this is not too difficult a thing to do if you get into it. There's a couple of special tools you're going to in one of the things is something you've probably never heard of It's called a seat wrench. Okay our or seat tool of some sort. What what that is inside your plumbing. There's this little this little ring and and and it requires a special tool to kind of get it out of there. That little ring is what the is. What the rubber presses up against to stop and let the water go so so anyway that you have to get that out there. There's a little tool. It doesn't cost that much. It's just a few bucks to get the tool but if you have that this thing can take a little while or a longtime the first thing. Always turn off the water. If you'll turn on the water you can make all kinds of mistakes. And it's a lot more giving if you've got the water off some jason. You know the reason. I laughed when you said you got four is that they know me well at the return counter the big box store to because i always buy more than i need different varieties that cuts down on the number of trips that i have to go long have discussed on the show before each project is worth three trips to the the repair store of whichever you choose your local hardware. Whatever three trips. Roger this great thing when if you buy it you know if you're a member whatever if you bossed up you don't even need the receipt. Because.

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