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That's what worries human rights groups. They've seen it happen before. And they believe that. In order to maintain relations with Saudi Arabia, and we believe this young woman's family might be quite well-connected that they may choose despite the protests, he can rights groups to send her back the Saudi embassy in Bangkok said missile Coon have been detained at the airport because she didn't have a return ticket. The American film green book has won the Golden Globe for best musical or comedy the film, which also won best screenplay and best supporting actor tells the story of a black classical pianist and his driver on tour in the racially divided. American South in the nineteen sixties. Best drama was won by bohemian rhapsody film about the late, Freddie. Mercury. The lead singer of the band Queen. It's lead that Romney Malik also won a Golden Globe and India's cricketers if one first series in Australia after rain brought a premature end to the test match in Sydney the door gave visitors to on series victory to minting India's ranking as the best test side in. In the game. BBC news. Many thanks for the latest. Hello. And welcome to Newsday Lawrence and shaima. Would you this morning back with Brexit to see if anything's happened over Christmas that changes the deadline anything apart that is from the deadline getting ever closer? We have a look at the continuing influence of the Catholic church and the DR seem and it's long delayed elections business. Sports of jellyfish news from Australia all of that happening in the next half hour on Newsday. For more than twenty years. Yeah. Yeah. Jump ruled the Gambia ruthlessly. He was accused at the time and subsequently killing journalists torturing opponents and shooting at demonstrators today two years after he went into exile. After losing an election, the Gambia launches its truth reconciliation and reparations commission today it's going to try to establish the record of what happened under Jammie. But what about holding people responsible? Here's a quick bit of background from Gambian journalist psycho sewerage, you by one of the biggest critics of this commission is that it is focusing more on constantly reparations not talking about providence focusing on bringing Justice to the people and suddenly before Accu his interview with the executive secretary of. Recent who said as part of their money, they can also recommend for prosecution. You know, Mary defunct that it has not been deflected, and Dan, this has some eyebrows. More victims worry keen on Justice being often day. Well, Saco has been speaking to people who suffer during the eight years here to voices with their stories. A mother mummy CC lost her son, and I stopped cutting Johnny whose life changed years ago when he went on a demonstration top ten years when me and my colleagues students who came out to demonstrate to show out anger. Got into what happened store Khaliq by name Ibrahima, buddy? And one of our student who was raped by two paramilitary of his body was tortured by fire service officers. He always must then sixteen years old boy that grow anger in the students wrote to the authorities and Leo complain on incident. So the reason why we came onto the frustration on what what happened to our colleagues in the process things get host where short more than a dozen of our colleagues again where killed them the day. And I was one of the survivors were shot on my left knee. My is my son with the friend came from. Do business. I don't know how and what they say. They're getting museum. We was asking lettera. I get infamous on that said that. When I picked up this did intelligence agency. So abandon abandon modern two weeks. I don't get any clear information later on. I wrote a letter to the president asking for help his reply if you get missing people have to go to the idea, and then I go to the I gave him that letter. Is it? Okay. We will do our investigation two weeks ago. He said. Is what still ma'am? Did what we know that clear infamous on that from the police officer said his people came. And after when the left I get a phone call. From the police. Two guys because the that. Kennedy. So it took me with my family since that time last year up to now, I don't have any information from the police..

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