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Six eighty wcbs mm talk radio now once again here's tom we're back to the tom moore show ver dancing queen and let's go to theodore in baltimore and talk about trump theater welcome to the show well i like to say this i served in the united states military when i didn't have to okay your only son you didn't have to go will now nobody has to go man that's all volunteer so you were there when it was when it was still part of the draft i got in a few months after the end of the draft okay okay i have to go i didn't come close of that team the combat wasn't a couple of alerts but i did this knowing where did you where did you serve in germany uk comedy point stepped off the plane and you know a few processing things and i wasn't in my unit yet and i said listen i'm a personnel specialist i'm i'm not a combat and say your unit without the end of the normandy was you are filled you're and that's where i went personnel spectrum but i did that because i knew if i were called on to by the security this country i would and i'm assuming this day i am one of the highest office in this nation i shamed and then discussed at the republicans who protect this man he sat down on one of the seven meetings before they take on a one on one with mr putin's with only the russian interpretive he's gonna sit down with them again without his chief of staff and other people and i'm gonna tell you you may think what i'm saying but i'm seeing republicans people i know kernigan because people are tweeting they think the guy's a traitor and i guess everybody when they get a chance pull up anything you can't about colonel rudolf abel there's also a movie about tom hanks with the trains for him francis grave what that timely old kaely in the navy in new york he was one of the highest decorated spies i don't know how they turns fast and i'm not looking at trump's racism and stuff i'm looking at the fact that on the one hand the security of this nation is threatened by him victory because he is a man who's ignorant westfield sign anything else putting funding him that's why would you know say that even my father he went to world war two and he had trouble getting a a home because with the black man we had five deferments people like barbara and the last guy that called people fit ignorant and in a guest respect anybody of my own racer they're they're it's it's you had a couple of things and i'm afraid in part for the security of this country because of this this this man in the white house i understand what you're saying couple of things right off the bat first of all i think it's absolutely nuts that he's going to be meeting with putin or any other leader kim jong un the any other leader without having somebody there to take notes let me interrupt you for a minute yes yes now tell me the difference visceral if i say dr more you you you're not a very good guy if i say dr more vicious person which is worse well the latter of course as you know the fact that people people and yourself doctor that you need to knock you adjective to describe it it's crepe no it's not crazy it's calculated it's dangerous and threatens the security in this country and i wish these people respect to you what with term it's crazy well a couple of appreciate.

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