60 Votes, Congress, Jen Psaki discussed on WBZ Afternoon News


Acted, needed 60 votes to overcome a GOP filibuster man came nowhere close. Senate Republican chief Mitch McConnell had blasted the bill as a partisan power grab and a federal overreach into how states run elections. And so finally today. We will. Put an end to it hours before the vote. This fight is not over. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. President Biden's committed to boosting voting rights and it will be a fight of his presidency long past today. But there are questions about how Democrats can move key legislation in a nearly evenly divided Senate and whether filibuster rules should change. Sander Megane Washington and We have local reaction tonight from our local senators, including Senator Elizabeth Warren, who says in her words, quote Mitch McConnell and the desperate Republican minority just silenced the American people. End quote the senator along with Senator Ed Markey, calling on Congress to abolish the filibuster, Senator Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire tonight another Democrat, not going quite so far, but saying she is disappointed that Senate Republicans blocked that bill. 7 32 Other news we're watching tonight South of Boston. A funeral today was held at Gillette Stadium for Police Dog from Braintree, who weeks ago died in the line of duty. WBC's Chris Pharma was their officers from dozens of departments across the state, along with state police and local leaders gathered at Gillette Stadium to solemnly pay tribute to canine kit. The Belgian Malinois wa that lost its life saving a fellow officer get answered the call to seek.

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